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User Info: toritoritori247

7 years ago#1
I've always been fond of this game. I think it was the first RPG I actually owned for SNES, though I'm sure I had at least played FF2/4 and probably other games like Mystic Quest. I just remember having 20 bucks to spend and going to Software Etc. (now Gamestop, for any of you that don't remember it) and it was the only RPG that was priced so cheaply.

Of course, as with many of you I'm sure, the music is some of my favorite of any game. I know a lot complain about the sword length, but I don't think this game would've had any difficulty if it were longer.

I had only beaten this a few times previously, and I always remember having trouble with the Ice Cave boss and the end bosses. This time I died a number of times to the Ice Cave boss, but got him in 7 or 8 tries ~level 20. I know I was still in the mid 20s when I hit end game. Tried a few times and couldn't beat the first boss.

So I leveled to 35, and to my surprise, took out all the bosses first try. I'm sure when playing in the past I probably didn't have all the healing items. This time I made sure to keep them, though I ended up only using the elixir.

I checked out Starfighters FAQ after beating it, and noticed the 350 gold/item exchange trick. Pretty nifty, although in a few cases it wouldn't help, would definitely be a boost in the Gold Cave to already have a Healing Pot. Kind of made me wonder how low of a level this game could be done on. Part of me is thinking not much below max, but since the battles are active and you can evade a decent amount by jumping, I still have to wonder.

Don't know if I'll play this again soon, but if I do I'm sure I'll try to do things at a lower level. Sorry for the long post, just throwing out some love for an underrated game. (I read all the posts in the unanswered question topics, nice to know I'm not the only fan.)
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