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User Info: ThEBMaN

12 years ago#1
I believe this game has a lot of potential, but there are some really stupid flaws that I cant believe the programmers didnt fix. These things could have been fixed in probably hours and wouldnt have affected the release date at all. I will gladly paypal someone 5 bux if they can create a hacked version of the game with these minor fixes...

1. Make the sword larger! This will probably make the game easier, but it will make it infinitely more playable/fun. Of course the hit detection would have to be altered a lil to compensate for the increased sword size. The sword doesnt need to be made huge or anything, just a bit bigger than it is now. probably at least 50% bigger. What would be even neater if its possible would be to make the different swords you get vary in size. Like keep the first sword you get the normal size, and have all subsequent swords increase in size a lil. Maybe make the 2nd sword you get 50% larger, and then finally once you get the final sword, have it be 100% (double) larger. This has been a steady complaint from everyone, and I dont think it would be too hard to hack this, would it?

2. Make the character move faster! The character walks around at a snails pace and its pretty annoying. I cant believe they didnt add a run function. There doesnt even need to be one, the character just needs to move at least a lil bit faster. Maybe twice as fast as he moves currently? It would make the game go by faster but it would still make it much more fun/liveable.

3. Make the screen scroll sooner. You literally have to walk to almost the corners of the screen to get the screen to scroll. Im not sure how easy this would be to change but it would be really nice if the screen would scroll a lil bit earlier.

4. This one is an exception, if it is too hard to program this one then its not a big deal, but the menu screens fade in and out way too slow. Its really annoying trying to go to the item and equip menu's and whatnot because they take so long to get into and out of. I dont see any reason for the game to take so long to get in and out of these screens.

Like I said though, if someone can hack these effects into the game for me, ill gladly pay someone a lil money to do this. i think this would benefit everyone though and give everyone a much more fun and playable version of this game. The sword size and the run function would be the most important things, and if at least those two things can be hacked, then id be happy.
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User Info: Aussie2B

12 years ago#2
I don't know what tools hackers have available to them these days, but I highly doubt the original programmers could've made all those changes in just a few hours with the technology they were working with at the time. As a programmer myself, I know that even the tiniest of changes often have cascading effects, so changing one thing may have resulted in them having to retool the entire game.

Personally, most of those things don't bother me that much. The only thing that was truly a poor design decision was the bad scrolling. I don't know why they didn't just follow standard design and make Nasir always stay in the center of the screen. The only problem with the sword is that they changed it from the original X68000 version. It was meant to be held out all the time, not as a slashing weapon. It's easily adjusted to, though. The only time I get frustrated is in boss battles where you usually have to fight a boss from below, which is one of the harder ways to approach enemies, and with the iffy hit detection, I'd often walk into the boss before I could even get in range to land a hit.
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User Info: PirateSwordsman

11 years ago#3
None of the problems you have wit hthe game are critical enough that someone should hack-fix them. The game is fun and playable. What more, it's far from being popular enough to bother spending time on a hack for "a lil money."

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User Info: Neeky

11 years ago#4
Easiest hack that would make the game more fun: Enable magic casting during boss battles, when Nasir needs it the absolute most!

User Info: builder111

11 years ago#5
wow 5 bucks there's a motivator

User Info: X Box Killer

X Box Killer
11 years ago#6
Worst part is that heal ball thing, I can't remember the name of it but you get it near the end of the game and it refills your entire life. There's only the one instance of it, as far as I know! And if you use it, forget about beating Thor or whatever his name is.

Espeically the bird form.. argh, I dunno what was more annoying. That, or the final boss in Y's III.
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User Info: The Admiral

The Admiral
11 years ago#7
Ys 3 boss can be beat without losing any life given the right strategy (which I don't think any of the current FAQs mention, BTW). Thor is a bit tougher for sure.

The Shiny Ball would be a great item to change. Right now it is useless; either it's bugged or just a complete waste of money. What I always thought it did, and what would be a great change, would be for it to refill your life at town-speed when you are standing still anywhere. This should be a permanent effect.
- The Admiral
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  3. i will literally pay someone to hack this game for me because...
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