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User Info: Sheep_are_back

13 years ago#1

User Info: SourDieseI

13 years ago#2
This will fail because:

PLEASE REMEMBER: This game board is exclusively for the discussion of this particular game. Topics that do not directly address how to play the game or its storyline will be deleted as a TOS violation.

As always, please don't forget to mark SPOILERS (major plot events in a game) so you don't ruin the surprise for people who haven't played the game yet.

Reminder: Discussions of current news stories, social topics, and random posts do NOT belong on gaming boards.

When you create a topic and that comes up, that means you HAVE TO BE ON TOPIC of that game.

You should close this, and find a different board that doesn't give you that warning.

User Info: hermitmaster

13 years ago#3
See sig
What is a sig? A miserable little pile of letters!
But enough talk, have at you!
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