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User Info: Topaz_MK

13 years ago#1
Well the cheat section explains when Paula's father runs past the twoson hotel looking for her if you sleep there, but i also found out that, when paula first joins your party, let her die and become a ghost, now go to paula's house and her dad will walk in and say "Paula?..Oh..I thought I felt her come in.."

Not very important but since the other one was up i might as well share this one!
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User Info: Adinseed

13 years ago#2
Huh, good find. Try submitting it.
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Not that big of a deal. I'm sure if you visit Ness's house with Ness KO'd his mom will say something different. I could be wrong, as I have never tried it considering Ness is the least likely party member to ever become downed.
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User Info: disco_stapler

13 years ago#4
You know, I've actually never tried that. I know that Ness's mom will talk to the other members of the party if Ness is unconscious. His dad does, too, but it's the same message for everyone.

User Info: Floogal

13 years ago#5
Yeah, when doing my solo-character challenges, I found a lot of death-alternate text. Some of the more notable ones:

- Poo joining you for the first time when Ness is KO'd. "Don't mind me, I was just speaking to Ness's soul."
- Frank when Ness is KO'd. He doesn't buy your "circle of friends" excuse and won't heal you.
- The monkey that teaches teleport alpha will ask where the kid with the baseball cap is if Ness is KO'd.
- Tony asking you to hold the receiver to Jeff (as he knows that Jeff will hear) when he calls for your name in Summers/Toto.
- In the Fourside Department Store, Paula won't get kidnapped if she's KO'd or she's the only one alive. The story won't progress until you go back to the store with Paula & one other party member conscious.
- Ness's Dad says different things when he calls if you've been playing too long in one sitting (every 2 hours, I believe) -- both a yes or no response get different messages.

Things that go like normal:
- Venus kisses whoever is in the lead, even if it's Paula.
- Pokey doesn't say anything different at the final battle, even if Ness is KO'd.
- For many important events, like visiting a sanctuary or meeting the Star Master, your whole party is automatically given a full heal/status recovery right at the start.

User Info: Topaz_MK

13 years ago#6
They are good finds, but the paula's father thing is a scene rather than dialogue..any more of those?
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User Info: MurraySkull

13 years ago#7
Dad also says something different when Ness is a robot.

User Info: Meltdown1988

13 years ago#8
Wow, I didn't know about most of those. Strange how you still keep learning new things about the game after all this time. 0_0
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User Info: Spitball Sparky

Spitball Sparky
13 years ago#9
That's what I love about this game. So detailed and we're still discovering new things.
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User Info: xYoshiKartx

13 years ago#10
Here's an interesting one. After the part where Ness rescues Paula, You can go back to her house to get the Hand Aid from her Mom. Kill off Ness before you go back to her house. She'll say something about Ness had gone to look for her or something, but you'll still get the hand aid. If you talk to her again, it opens up an empty Text box. (Probably the only one you'll ever see in the game.)
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