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  3. ummmm... i beat Master Belch without fly honey....

User Info: NimaNima777

11 years ago#1
It says in first guide that he can't be beat without using it... I have beaten him (it took a long time and was very hard) without using the fly honey on him. This is very possible and should be addressed
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User Info: bobthejanitor_

11 years ago#2
Yes... this is possible.
Only if you inflict nausea on him. I've never bothered with it because it takes an insanely long time.
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User Info: Floogal

11 years ago#4
Apparently, in earlier versions of the game, you can damage him normally without the Fly Honey. But in later versions, he's invincible until you use it.

Regardless, in either case you can damage Belch by using the HP Sucker or having him Nauseate himself (through making himself feel strange with a random prayer effect).

User Info: toldom

11 years ago#5
I've tried that before, but I didn't defeat him. I put the battle on auto and sped it up since it was taking such a long time (he also wouldn't attack for some reason), but in the end after 10 - 20 minutes of that I gave up.
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  3. ummmm... i beat Master Belch without fly honey....
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