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User Info: Flamefury

11 years ago#1
No one's been willing to do the last 10% of the English patch for this game for almost a decade now.

I'm not much of a ROM-hacker or anything, but I am curious...what's the last portion of the patch that hasn't been completed yet?

User Info: stahlbaum

11 years ago#2
In the patches readme:

"So what's left? Mostly scattered strings throughout the entire game
and some of the random effects of certain battle skills (Goof-off
and Chance)."

Mainly town dialogue for places you might not even revisit after certain plot points.

User Info: Flamefury

11 years ago#3
Hm...Is the source available for anyone who wants to finish it up?

User Info: stahlbaum

11 years ago#4
Someone has it in their project que.

User Info: The_Admiral

11 years ago#5
And the major bugs:

- No way to see gold on the status screen
- Game freezes when visiting certain status screens or backing out of certain menus
- Forget/Remember/Recall/Whatever chain of spells do not work properly

User Info: kirby_dude

11 years ago#6
Dear Lord it's The Admiral. Nice to see a legend on such a small board.

Anyway, the game is very completable, don't worry about the issues. You'll have no problem making it through.
0775 6806 6488 - HeartGold FC

User Info: Erdrick001

11 years ago#7
I made a list of minor bugs/glitches I encountered when I played it. I'll post it later tonight or tomorrow. I just wanted to save this topic before it archives.

User Info: Erdrick001

11 years ago#8
Okay, my notes are in extreme shorthand. It's been a few years since I played it and I don't quite remember details of the story so I'm not 100% positive on exactly what when wrong, but I'll post what I wrote, and what I believe it to mean. It's certainly not a complete list, but it gives you an idea of the things that can go wrong. Some of them are self-explanitory.

Oh, and I'm going to say *SPOILER WARNING*, just in case:

-SE corner of Bazaar (most merchants when selling something)
Selling items often results in garbled text, but I think that merchant in the Bazaar is glitched when buying too.

-Certain attacks of the First Trial display hex.
I don't know which specific attacks trigger this.

-Talk to Rob after Mermaid dropped off.
Don't remember the Mermaid, but I assume this is garbled text.

-Some confused monsters
I don't know if this is monsters becoming confused or attacks/moves by confused monsters. Probably the latter.

-Confused enemy jumps into air -- disappears with cryptic message.
This one was actually kinda cool. If a confused monster did a Jump attack, they disappeared for good from the battle. I don't know if 'cryptic message' means random hex or if something coherent was said, but just weird.

-Go back to Amoru and see Priest.
Don't remember after what you're supposed to go back there.

-Equip an item during battle

-USE the Hat of Wind.

-King of Grace's (sp?) incantation ?
I don't know if Grace is the right word here (can't read it) and I don't know why there's a "?"

- Tania & Rand conversation (and most other people) in Real World Lifecod after attack

-USE Reigns of Pegasus in Dark World.

- * after Demon Hammer.
Wild guess says there's an asterisk at the end of the item name.

-Stylish Smith on Ramia's Sword the 2nd time
My guess is just that the text is garbled.

-People in Dream World Amoru can't talk.

-"on who" when USE Antidote Herb (Full names & hex)
Instead of the 4 letter truncated name, the character's full name is given followed by some random hex)

-[Shrine] after get to DarkWorld (maybe just after [word I can't read, but makes sense it's a boss or town just prior to getting to dark world]
Not sure if "Shrine" is right either, but it's the only world that came up withe that makes sense in the context of DQ. I have no clue what about it would be glitched, but most of these are text bugs, so...

-Description box of the GiveLife spell (M745)
M745 is what it says in descr. box

-Sell in Deathcod.
Not sure if this is anything different that the first one I listed.

User Info: Darkmoon27

11 years ago#9
Also, IMO, the script was in some definite need of revision, consistency checking, and polishing.

While some parts of the game were fine, other parts had some NPCs referring to the wrong characters, which could make certain plot elements slightly confusing.

If you don't talk to many NPCs, you'd probably not notice it much.

User Info: Flamefury

11 years ago#10
Heh, it wasn't necessarily that I was afraid I'd run into issues. I just like seeing things complete to the end.

But I'm clearly out of my depth if I try anything here. Not to mention the lack of time. A shame, I wonder if it'll ever get the 100% completion.
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