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User Info: MrZopo

10 years ago#11
This game was a bit basic compared to its sequels, but it still it was among the greatest games of the SNES

User Info: walterhunt

10 years ago#12
According to Wikipedia (which is, of course, always true <sarcasm>), DKC was the best selling non-bundled SNES game of all time. I loved it when I got back in 1994, and I love it now. I still have my SNES hooked up to my TV so I can play good old games like DKC.
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User Info: Crulex1369

10 years ago#13
Miyamoto was just bitter. The fact that he took it back and apologized showed that he was wrong and I respect him for not holding a grudge against Rare for reviving DK and making it better.

User Info: TheOpposite

10 years ago#14
I disagree with the quote, because not only does Donkey Kong Country look good, but it plays great. I think more games should have the level of gameplay this does. The controls are simple and easy to understand. That's the way it should be.
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User Info: KJ StErOiDs

10 years ago#15
DKC and the Mario series are quite similar platformers. You have exploration. Harrowing jumps. Enemy-infested waters. The challenge that makes those games fun. In both DKC and Mario, it's all there. What's so mediocre about that, Miyamoto?

Oh, DKC doesn't have power-ups, such as flowers and feathers, OH NO! Maybe that's the part he didn't like. No power-ups! Maybe he sees DKC as a mundane walk-and-jump through levels without them.

Granted; I don't know Miyamoto's thoughts. But that train of thought is the only one that makes sense to me.

DKC power-ups are in a more natural form, mighty Miyamoto. In the form of a kong duo, where each kong has his own situational strengths. And in the form of animal buddies. The DK barrel, your mushroom, mighty Miyamoto.

If you could just set aside the bias you have for the graphics, you just might see all of this.
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User Info: Gucci_Mane_

10 years ago#16
Huh, so that explains why Donkey Kong gets no love. Smh.
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User Info: Lilbisk

10 years ago#17
DKC!! :]
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User Info: Royal_Flush

10 years ago#18
Even if any DKC games were bad (they aren't) I would be willing to put up with them not for the graphics, but for that music. Oh, the music. Top 5 music in a video game series, easily.

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User Info: DKU_Arich

10 years ago#19
I always think of the first snowy stage. It starts out as this mellow, but definitely ominous piece, as you get used to sliding around on the mountain. It picks up slightly as it starts to snow, then when an all-out blizzard breaks out (and you get to some nasty platform jumping and barrel blasting), the music itself seems to panic. Even when I didn't really care about music, this track stuck with me.

I hate to ruin your childhood, but that track was composed by Eveline Fischer, who did the music for World Map, Candy's Save Point, Temples, Forest, Treetop, Snow and Ice Cave. Everything else was composed by Dave Wise, with the exception of Funky's Fugue (Robin Beanland did this one).

User Info: walterhunt

10 years ago#20
No doubt that this game (and this game series) had some of the best tunes on the SNES.
Xbox LIVE gamertag: walterhunt (i know, real creative...)
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