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at 99%, looking for some nudges in the right directionskater4344/9 9:17AM
Something About Donkey Kong CountryEevee-Trainer33/22 10:15PM
What you prefer to DKC2 with this game2001mark11/13 8:21AM
If you think about it, Blackout Basement! was just a dumb, pointless gimmickslk_23112/30 10:09PM
The key to its legacy for me...2001mark212/30 9:57AM
I feel sorry for everyone that had to play this as a kidJohn_Sinclair38/17 5:32PM
In the water levels, is there any difference between Chomps and Chomps Jr.?slk_23312/16/2017
Were Mine Cart Carnage and Mine Cart Madness some of the best levels in DKC?slk_23211/19/2017
DKC SNES set variations?rwm420210/18/2017
Here's my Let's Play of Donkey Kong Country.HangedMan96110/5/2017
Animal Buddy Bonus Round Time Limit BiasKingArgorok310/5/2017
The rollar coaster mines level had a secret level?Epicjaybird610/4/2017
SNESBOSS "Donkey Kong Country" Review.SNESBOSS19/18/2017
My 101% in 1:06 save file, and 99+ lives on videoMI4 REAL19/9/2017
Did you know that in DKC, you only have to find the bonus levels for completion?slk_2338/27/2017
If you find all the kong letters?Epicjaybird28/8/2017
Donkey Kong's real prime years were under the Rareware umbrella because...FilipoSooa22/24/2017
I hate how you can't kill Klaptraps by rolling into them; they hurt you insteadslk_2321/7/2017
Anybody here heard this smooth, jazzy version of Aquatic Ambience by The OneUps?slk_23112/19/2016
I'm definitely buying thiskikoken911/30/2016
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