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User Info: Varmyth

9 years ago#1
After playing this game a decent amount of time, I've found that there are secret moves that can be performed much like the bosses. I'm still trying to figure them out, but I'm making a bit of progress.


B + X: Jumps up and then performs a downward flaming jump kick.
A + X: Breathes a flame in front of Slash that has slightly longer range than a punch.


B + Y: Uppercut that knocks enemy down and does decent damage.
B + A + R: Jumps slightly backwards and dives forward with flaming knuckles.
???: Homage to Big Al from Rival Turf. Shout animation with chance for energy projectile from mouth. Most successful input is up slide to forward back to up repeatedly.


Up, full circle, B + Y: Wendy jumps and stands somewhere on screen, then jumps off screen and receives ~ 1/6 damage. After holding up for a long time, you can eventually make your way back to the screen.

Lord J:

None found, but possible throw reversal.


None found, but possible shuriken throw.

If you find some that I haven't, or can give detailed information on how to perform a move exactly, info would be appreciated.
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