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User Info: LuigiKong

11 years ago#201
Leg 1 BattleField to Kirby's Cooking Crew(restaraunt)

(You see 24 teams lined up at the starting line, the host of the show, Tabuu, arrives in a cloud of smoke.)

14Volt: Who the----

Dimentio: I thought you were dead?!

Tabuu: No. Those Brawl fighters aren't good enough to defeat me.

Samurai Goroh: That's because they didn't have me as a playable character.

-911-: *nods to him*

Tabuu: Anyways welcome to the Second Amazing Race! The winner last time was as youknow, Gamesharkdude and Sonic, but Sonic has not returned this time around for "bad expieriences with me". But this race everything will be a little different. There will be surprises everywhere, around every corner.

Lumines: They said that last time.

Ratchet: I know.

Tabuu:(continues talking): Before I forget also there will be no powers or weapons or items you can use.

Luigi:*raises hand*: Vacu----

Tabuu: You asked that last time.

Luigi: Oh yeah.

Tabuu: But like I said before there will be twists and turns everywhere. Just remember that.

Everyone: ALRIGHT!


Tabuu: Of all of you 25 teams. Very few veterans, mostly new rookies, or veterans with new partners.

1.Dmax129/Zaraki Kenpachi
2. LuigiKong/Donkey Kong
3. k3v1ndud3/ luigi
4. IngSlayer/Mario
5. Nikoleis / Zelos
6. Darkblaze53 / Ray (The main character of Disaster: Day of Crisis)
7. randomguy44 / Meta Knight
8. TBizzle/Yoshi
9. Masterman/PaRappa
10. Killer_Spatula/Petey Piranha
11.Emmitt Nervend
12. A Winner in Life/Wario
13. -911-/Samurai Goroh
14. Ermine/Lucario
15. 14Volt / Dimentio
16. Adol_the_Red/Dizzy
17. Just_Eat_It / Phoenix Wright
18. True/Master Hand
19. gamesharkdude/Inoue Orihime
20. BlueAnnihilator/Bowser
21. evilspacehopper/Pokémon Trainer (Red)
22. sasori1122/Jill Valentine
23. Unr3al/Mithos
24. Lord_Callous/Kratos
25. ILS/Tails

True: Where the **** do we go to be safe!?

Tabuu: Kirby owns a restaraunt in a town not too far away. This is a test to see if you can overcome a much tougher course of he main legs in the race. The boat is attached to the dock. Finding your bags may be tougher than it sounds and is required.

Callous and Kratos: When can we start?

Tabuu: NOW!!!!!!!

(Every team sets off and starts sprinting towards the docks.)

Wario: *running* now it's time to **** someone off.*looks at Tails* WATCH YOUR STEP TAILS!*trips Tails*.

Tails: *falls and gets stepped on by Phoenix Wright* WTF?! Wario!

ILS: **helps him up* Com'on Tails we're in last now. Let's go!

(They start running again and the lead group of BlueAnnihilator/Bowser and TBizzle/Yoshi get to the dock. Blue and Bowser stop by the edge of the dock.)

Blue and Bowser: WE are the kings of this competition!*both get pushed in water and Callous and Kartos get pushed in after them.*

Callous: Blue

Blue: Callous.

(Everyone except, Blue/Bowser, Callous/Kratos, and ILS/Tails are on the boat. Everyone is now looking in random crates.)

DarkBlaze: *opens door* Not mine

Ray: *breaks down door* Nope.

Darkblaze: *opens door and sees Peter Petrelli from Heroes* Nope.

RandomGuy44: *opens door and sees everyone's luggage in one compartment* Holy **** dude!*looks around to see if anyone is near by besides his partner Metaknight* Should we tell anyone.

Metaknight: No.

Randomguy: Great idea! *takes stuff and closes door* Our stuff has a clue in it!

(The first clue of the race. It says go to the nearby town and go to the Kirby fan Club by taxi, you get a clue from one of the fans there.)

User Info: LuigiKong

11 years ago#202
MetaknightL Why does he have a fan club and I don't? Hmmph.

(They head and out with a decent lead, but a few other teams find their bags including the two Kongs, Darkblaze/Ray, Ermine/Lucario, k3v1ndud3/Luigi, and Adol/Dizzy.)

Adol: We're on it today!

Dizzy: I know, this is great!

(They all head out along with most the teams except Blue's, Callous's, ILS'S, True's, DMax's, and TBizzle's, who arrived there first.)

DMAX: AHHH!!!!! This is a nightmare!

TBizzle: We know, we got here first!

Yoshi: Let's team up to find our bags so neither of our teams get out.

Zaraki Kenpachi: Sounds good.

(They work together and find there things, then Callous's team leaves, and then ILS's, and last to leave is Blue's team. Up ahead, Randomguy and Metaknight have arrived at the fan club.)

RandomGuy: Do you want to go in.

Metaknight: No.

RandomGuy: Alright *he goes in and sees a fan.* Hey! Do you have the clue?

Guy: No.

Random: Do you*points to guy*

Guy #2: No

Random: ****.

(Five more teams have arrived at the Fan Club including Ermine's team. Before they go in they have a talk.)

Ermine: Alright, we started good last time too, but we lost steam and ended up second place.

Lucario: That sucked.

Ermine: I know, let's just keep our momentum going this time.

Lucario: I'll make sure of it.*They go in*

(Meanwhile a few of the midpack teams are discussing strategy in their taxis.)

sasori: OK Jill we didn't start off too bad, not spectacular either though.

Jill: I know, but what we need to do is team up with another team.

sasori: Good plan.

(Meanwhile Lumines's team is not going to have a fun ride there.)

Lumines: OK when we get there we need to------

(There taxi is shaken around stops.)

Taxi Waddle Dee: Flat tire.

Clank: You have to ****ing kidding me.

Wddle Dee: No.

All 3: *sighs*

Lumines: Just like last time started.

(Most the teams have arrrived at the fan club and Dizzy, Adol's partner, has the clue.)

Dizzy and Adol: ROADBLOCK!

( A roadblock is a task only one person can perform. In this roadblock one person has to count how many Kirby plushies are in their container, if they get the number right, they receive a clue, if they don't they have to count again. Performin this be whoever the team chooses.)

Adol: I'll do it.

(He begins counting, the 5 other lead teams join Adol in counting. The main pack hasn't arrived yet. LuigiKong thinks he is done counting. Adol and the rest are taking it slow.)

LuigiKong: Is there 123 plushies?

Vender: No.

LuigiKong: Crap.

(Ermine finishes counting closely followed by Ray, DarkBlaze's partner.)

Ermine: Is it *whispers* 126?

Vender: Yes. Here is your clue.

Ermine: *opens clue*

(Head all the way to the restaraunt I mentioned earlier, it's close by, so it's a dash to the finish.)

Let's get there first!*they run off closely followed by Ray and DB who also got it right.*

(The other 4 lead teams finish and start running towards the finish area.)

k3v1n: Let's go Luigi!

Luigi: Right behind you!

(The restaraunt is on;y two doors down and the first team arrives on the mat.)

Kirby: Welcome to my restaraunt!

Tabuu: Darkblaze and Ray you are team number 1!


Tabuu: You have won a pass for free food from any restaraunt owned by anyone in the Nintendo world!

Both: O_O That's amazing!

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User Info: LuigiKong

11 years ago#203
(They leave the mat and the second team enters the door.)

Tabuu: Ermine and Lucario you are team number two!

Lucario: They outsprinted us, I can't believe it.

Ermine: I hate second.

(The third team to arrive is Adol/Dizzy, Fourth is k3v/Luigi, Fifth The Kongs, and sixth randomguy/Metaknight.)

Metaknight: We had this won.

Random: I know, but we'll win it in the end.

(The main pack has arrived at the fan club. Nikoleis's team is first to start counting, who right away walks up to the vender and says 126.)

Vender: How the heck did you know that.

Nikoleis: I have people.

Vender: Not sure what that means but here's your clue.

Zelos: *opens clue* Let's go there!

(Many many teams start counting now and a lot of them are getting frustrated. True's team arrives, leaving only 5 teams that haven't arrived.)

Wario: I said 122! HOW IS IT NOT 122?!

Vender: It just isn't.

Mikey: Go count again Wario!

Wario: Fine............

(Nikoleis's team has arrived at the checkpoint, closely followed by GSD's team in eighth, Ingslayer's in NInth, -911- in tenth, Masterman's in 11th, esh's in 12th, and sasori's in 13th. TBizzle's and DMax's teams arrive at the fan club and are still working together. Lumines's team is back on the road and Blue's team is approaching the fan club. Meanwhile there re still counting problems. and completions.)

Killer_Spatula: I'm pretty sure it's 126.

Vender: I'm pretty sure you're correct.*hands him clue.*

Spat: Let's go Petey!

Petey: *smiles and leaves*

(Killer_Spatula said 126 kinda loud so a few teams heard the number.)

Unr3al:*hears answer* It's 126.*walks up to vender and says 126*

Vender: Here's your clue.

Mithos: Nice job.

Unr3al: Thanks.

(A few more teams arrive at the checkpoint including Spat's team in 14th, Unr3al's team in 15th, J_e_i's team in 16th, 14Volt's team in 17th, Mikey's team in 18th, Callous in 19th, True in 20th, ILS'S in 21st, TBizzle's in 22nd, and DMax's in 23rd. The last two team are at the fan club.)

Lumines: We need to hurry!

Blue: Let's go, we should've owned this by now!

(Both the teams are counting now. Blue gets and goes to the vender and guesses 124. Lumi gueses 126, and Blue overhears him and they go sprinting after Lumines's team. The 24th team has finished.)

Tabuu: Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank you are team #24!

Lumines: Just like last time guys, we'll be fine.

(The last team arrives.)

Tabuu: BlueAnnihilator and Bowser, you are the last team to arrive, I'm sorry but you've been eliminated.

Blue: Well this sucks.

Bowser: Definetly.

Blue: Well I know those bins of dolls were rigged and we on;y had 124 in ours, and the box that had our stuff in it was hidden more tha anyone else's so I'm sure we were just too good for this race.

Bowser: Agreed.

Tabuu: *facepalm*
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User Info: LuigiKong

11 years ago#204
No this was not rigged to get Blue out, the number we assigned him was 20 which was the number to get out first. Anyway the first chapter is finally here.
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User Info: randomguy44

11 years ago#205
The only criticism I have right now is that you spell Meta Knight correctly. >.>
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User Info: LuigiKong

11 years ago#206
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: LuigiKong

11 years ago#207
lol. I didn't even notice. I'll make sure to change that.
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User Info: nikoleis

11 years ago#208
I have people ... heh !
Official 7th (for now) of the Amazing Race story 2
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User Info: nikoleis

11 years ago#209
* Wait for chapter 2
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User Info: woodsnib

11 years ago#210
"It’s alright. It’s been… long enough. This... is your world now."~Auron-ƒƒX
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