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User Info: Fett0001

11 years ago#231
1 RB too
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User Info: potatoesaretube

11 years ago#232
Goddammit ND, I was going to scan Redtooth Night 2 if it hadn't been for your claim. Oh well, not like it would've mattered.

User Info: Billy_Blaze

11 years ago#233
Woo, iffy! And I'm surprised no one ever voted for me, when I was scared I was pretty suspicious. I'm glad I wasn't able to ever send in votes, either, otherwise ND would have made me sad. =P

But man, did all the power roles die early or what?

User Info: Jack_White

11 years ago#234
first time I've ever been alive at the end of a mafia game.

and I was a suspect from Day One.


User Info: ToadYoshi

11 years ago#235
1. AsurasKordoth- The most mysterious of the bunch. I am going to just say you are a cit who isn't around much, which is fine. If there is a scanner out there, I would pick this guy tonight. Correct
2. baubeta-Citizen Correct
5. Fett-Suspicious Correct
7. GameBopAdv-Citizen Correct
8. Jack White-Slightly scummy Slightly correct
10. Menji-Slightly scummy Slightly correct
11. MrSmartGuy-Scummy. Lynch him. Again, apologies in advance if I am wrong, I hate doing this to people, but I suggest getting him. 100% wrong
12. kaonashi-who? n/a
13. Ngamer-Pretty scummy Correct
14. Not Dave-Citizen Correct
16. Redtooth-Leaning toward cit, great candidate for scanner. Probably some crazy special role for one side or other.Incorrect
17. Sir Chris-CitCorrect
18. SSBM-Not suren/a
19. SunnyX-Possibly scummy, after a review of his posts I'm not that confident anymore. Might just be new. Or might be scum. wrong
20. The Raven 2-He needs to claim or get outn/a
21. ToadYoshi-Scummy like crazy

Overall, I made definitive predictions about 12 players. 9 of those were correct, 3 were incorrect. It hurts that the most adamant of my predictions was an incorrect one, but I still think I did pretty well at that.

Smartguy, you were quite right about being right on day 2. But not so much on Day 3 <_<. You lost my trust after you were the first and most vocal against me. Maybe it's because I knew I was the doc, but I had no idea where you were divulging all this scummy material from my posts. It as like you were fishing for accusations, which is something inexperienced mafia members do all the time. Is this your first time playing mafia? Sry for confusion.

And now for an explanation of that "protect myself claim"

So I claimed Doc and said I would protect myself. Did I lose my mind for a moment? Am I A new player? Am I just simply the worst mafia player ever?

No! Here's why you do that:

So I was going to get lynched. Someone who was voting for me (can't remember who, don't feel like checking) encouraged me to claim, because then maybe they would change. So I did.

Now, Sir Chris said that claiming Doc was "the most scummy claim imaginable." Actually, IMO town vanilla would be the most scummy claim, because it is the most easily faked.

Some wanted me to lie and claim vanilla town. But that's exactly what I'd be doing if I was mafia, so how is that gonna save me? And then near the endgame, when I tell someone I'm Doc, absolutely nobody is going to believe me.

So I was claiming Doc, and I knew it. But that leads to the problem. Now, the Doc is open and vulnerable. The mafia will surely kill me in the night. UNLESS I claim I can protect myself! It said right in the email that Doc can not protect himself, and I never intended to do so. But if the mafia thinks I can and will save myself, they will attack elsewhere, as they do not want to waste a kill. This increases my chance for survival. This is what I was doing.

So I was hoping that the Doc claim would get everyone off me, and then my bluff of protecting myself would keep away the mafia at night. Except it didn't work that way, everyone thought "n00b doesn't know how to play mafia" and went crazy. Hay guyz I can play mafiaz.
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User Info: TVontheRadio

11 years ago#236
yeah but the thing is claiming doctor really is the hardest thing to do

and name recognition always helps

if people don't know you and how you play, it's easy for them to just go with the simplest explanation that it was "just mafia trying to draw out the real doc or at the very least save his ass from a lynch"

it didn't help how just about everyone thought you were scum
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User Info: Not Dave

Not Dave
11 years ago#237
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Ngamer64

11 years ago#238
ATTN Towners

If you're interested in what was going on from our side of things, I've uploaded the complete scum account from our private board into one handy page.


Our night kill discussions are listed up top, and underneath comes the "Current Status" topic where we talked together during the daytime.

If you'll take the link you'll see that I was actually not inactive over the course of the game, far from it in fact. Myself and many of the other "inactive" townies where still keeping a close watch on the topics and trying to influence votes a little here and there where needed, but with the way the Town remained dead set on lynching itself throughout the course of the game, we really didn't have much reason to stick out our necks and cast suspicion on one another.

My one bold move all game was requesting those roles when it was coming down to Toad/Smarty/Sunny. Admittedly it was a stupid thing to do, but with the game situation at the time we had developed a significant advantage in numbers and the only way the Town was going to survive was through excellent Doc play. I'd been getting a Doc vibe from Smarty for a while, and knew he was watching the topic like a hawk, and knew this was his first mafia game, so I took the risk and hoped to get a claim out of him before Chris could tell him not to.

Well that blew up in my face, since Chris was watching the topic like an eagle! And then out of nowhere Toad, who hadn't been seen in 10 hours and I wasn't even considering, sprung in and responded to me, we had our Doc kill all lined up, and the topic broke into pandemonium! Talk about awesome.

So we pressed our advantage and knocked off Chris right afterwards, which I pushed for because I knew he was going to get me lynched if he lived. And yet, and yet, I survived the lynch the next day to end the game!
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User Info: Not Dave

Not Dave
11 years ago#239
No way. Menji shouldn't send. fett, Jack White, and Ngamer might get roleblocked or be watched. Someone else should do it. Me or Redtooth. Probably me.

Dammit, got close on that one. haha.


User Info: Not Dave

Not Dave
11 years ago#240
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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