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User Info: Ed Bellis

Ed Bellis
11 years ago#1
It was a peaceful day in the e-land of Board 8...

or was it?

Welcome to Board 8 Mafia, where everybody has been given out roles roughly corresponding to various Board 8 users. Odds are if you're here you want your 2 points, so here is a quick summary of the rules to follow:
- You must make a minimum of 2 substantial posts per game day. That's the big one. Obviously I'd prefer it if you did more.
- No game discussion outside this thread (unless your role specifically allows it). This is also a biggie.
- No posts discussing the game after I say stop talking. You can bump the topic and make contentless posts, but that’s it.
- If you’re dead or spectating, no posts with content.
- Don’t directly quote your role/conversations with me. Paraphrasing is fine.
- No cheating or trying to break the game.
- Play to win, please. You can play poorly – and that’s to be expected to a certain degree – but don’t give up. That will get you replaced and you won’t get your precious 2 points.
- You don’t need to be “in character” or anything. Just post how you’d normally post.

How to play:
- Town wins when all non-town players are killed.
- Scum wins when all non-scum players are killed (or when that outcome is inevitable).
- Please vote in the following format: <b>##Vote: Playername.</b> You may unvote any time when a lynch has not occurred with the same format: <b>##Vote: Playername.</b> You may also vote for “No Lynch” or “Time Extension” with the same format.
- The day ends when a majority of votes has been reached for someone. No posting after the deciding vote. If the day deadline is hit when there’s no majority, the person with the highest number of votes is automatically lynched.

1. AsurasKordoth
2. baubeta
5. Fett
7. GameBopAdv
8. Jack White
10. Menji
11. MrSmartGuy
12. kaonashi
13. Ngamer
14. Not Dave
16. Redtooth
17. Sir Chris
18. SSBM
19. SunnyX
20. The Raven 2
21. ToadYoshi

With 16 alive, it takes 9 to lynch.

Day ends in roughly 50 minutes.

User Info: Ed Bellis

Ed Bellis
11 years ago#2
Sir Chris (0): (SunnyX)
SunnyX (2): (Sir Chris), (Sir Chris), ToadYoshi, Fett
GameBop (1): AsurasKordoth
SmartGuy (2): (Sir Chris), Not Dave, baubeta
Jack White (1): (SmartGuy), SunnyX
Ngamer (0): (Not Dave)
ToadYoshi (3): SmartGuy, Redtooth, (Sir Chris), Sir Chris
The Raven 2 (1): Menji

User Info: DoomTheGyarados

11 years ago#3
btw Ngamer.

Call it gut.

I know its crazy to you but


User Info: kaonashi1

11 years ago#4
hey guys I hear there's a mafia game going on in these parts

User Info: Ngamer64

11 years ago#5
In case the previous topic purges from this board, I've saved it for us at the following location:

Hot Content: thengamer.com/xstats | board8.wikia.com
He isn't a killer. He just wins - thoroughly.

User Info: Not Dave

Not Dave
11 years ago#6
Ah, good stuff. It all being one page makes searching a lot easier. Thanks dude.


User Info: Not Dave

Not Dave
11 years ago#7
less than twenty minutes. anyone have anything to add?


User Info: DoomTheGyarados

11 years ago#8
wish we could get more votes than this pathetic amount, but beyond that nothing that would really effect today. Just remember, roleblock time ND :)

User Info: GameBopAdv

11 years ago#9
Gah....I have no idea who to vote for right now.

And I'm far too lazy to sort through the 500 posts that have already gone through in hopes of spying upon the tiniest of scummy behavior by those quieter mafia members.

Right now I just seriously feel ToadYoshi is innocent, and I don't want 4 days in a row of Townie-Lynching, and with the night kills as well as the mistaken vigilante's kill I'd think that if we were to keep up this trend we'll soon be outnumbered, and so the mafia wins.

...*sigh* I just really don't know.........

Right now the only people that I've felt like I've seen scummy actions from are SmarterGuy, NGamer, and Merc (though not very much from Merc), while I'm still feeling kinda suspicious of anyone else that hasn't been posting as much in order to not look as scummy.


--* err, wait, now that NGamer has posted the rest of the entire topic on ONE page, like Not Dave said, it might be a bit easier to look through for scummy behavior. So maybe, despite my laziness, I might go through and inspect for mafia behavior anyway. Though with only 30 minutes to spare right now I won't have too much time...
zemzam says: What???

User Info: MrSmartGuy

11 years ago#10
Wait, don't we have almost a half hour? 11 EST, right?
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