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thelordofdestruction 9 years ago#11
What's goin on here?
13-4 Next up for Cowboys: Offseason :(
thelordofdestruction 9 years ago#12
I'm back!
1-0 Next up for Cowboys: Philadelphia Eagles
thelordofdestruction 9 years ago#13
2-0 Next up for Cowboys: Green Bay Packers

User Info: Deja Blue 03

Deja Blue 03
9 years ago#14
I love Owen Wilson. When he tried to commit suicide, I went on a hunger strike. -PresidentSears

User Info: _Destruction_

9 years ago#15
A Mah Board!?!?!
3-1 Next up for Cowboys: Bengals
thelordofdestruction 9 years ago#16
4-3 Next up for Cowboys: Bucs
thelordofdestruction 9 years ago#17
7-4 Next up for Cowboys: Seahawks

User Info: Therockfan

9 years ago#18

User Info: tuba_hero

9 years ago#19
[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ -Start bracket |||||||||||||| -Straight Line ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] -End Bracket
If you see anything else, you're obviously delusional
thelordofdestruction 9 years ago#20
Whats goin on?
9-5 Next up for Cowboys: Ravens

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