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  3. Anyone else never progressed thru this point?
jimreid56 1 year ago#1
I could remember this wrong, but i always got stuck at where you have to progress from building to building, cuz i could never figure out how.
I could never figure out how to use the rope/ don't even think i knew that Was a rope. Even though it said so in manual. I still can't. BAck then, i didn't even know what it was or what it did.

However, i'm going to figure this out now. Even though i could never do it when the game came out.
Musicology 1 year ago#2
You definitely need a walkthrough at this point of the game yes. That's where I got stuck for years and years, decades ago...
Honey76 4 days ago#3
Can’t remember if I ever posted on this board.

when I was a kid I completely memorized this game and finished it multiple times. I actually remember a friend calling bulls*** so I went to his house one weekend and finished the game while he watched.

As an adult, I have no f***ing clue how I accomplished this task because I agree, even accessing different buildings with the correct rope placements is confusing as heck. And then of course one slightly innacurate jump is enough to die in certain cases. Wtf!!!
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jimreid56 3 days ago#4
fyi. I'm gonna attemp to figure this part out .. On my own this month. Dunno if i will.

I will make a map of the city, to make sure i visit every house and so i'm fammiliar with the area.

The thing i don't get is , in the manual it say the rope will let you 'jump; from building to building. But it's vague.
I 'll try to figure it out for only one hour per day. Because then i won't get frustrated. As much.
1Tekkaman 3 days ago#5
I haven't even gotten far enough to rescue Splinter without cheats. Hard game even by the standards of the time.
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  3. Anyone else never progressed thru this point?
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