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Robot2600 3 years ago#1
Responding to another topic here partly, but obviously the turtles are not evenly matched. That said, the mechanics of the game have crazy s*** like the damn level, in which NOT being Donatello is essentially a skill in and of itself.

I like to run around the start with Leo, he can take care of most enemies okay, but when you know you can beat the first level, Donatello becomes the natural choice.

I tend to swim around with Raph & Mike, preferring Raph because Michaelangelo's swing has a good enough hit box in front of him, and he's really fast. Don is my boss killer, and Leo fills in gaps if someone gets low on health. Leo feels like a paladin, don is like a wizard, and mike and raph are ranger and rogue, suited to specific but necessary tasks.
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HylianFox 3 years ago#2
I mainly use Raph and Mike as fodder, leaving Leo and Don for the tougher enemies and bosses

it's also a good idea to give Raph and Mike boomerangs, as you essentially have an infinite amount and they're WAY better than their main weapons
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Robot2600 3 years ago#3
99 boomerangs.

I missed the part where that's my problem.
FlannelFlag 2 years ago#4
Hylian Fox has the right idea. Especially in the later levels when the hand weapons are insufficient and you're relying on boomerangs and scrolls.
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scifi1980 2 years ago#5
I use the tag team formula during the swimming level, but I usually start off with Raph because he sucks at pretty much everything else. So I let him start the mission and take most of the damage then switch out to Mikey to finish it.

Once I get to that one warehouse that has the scrolls I keep entering it and grabbing scrolls until all 4 turtles are maxed out at 99. Using Leo and Donnie most of the way to the Technodrome and then I go in this batting order:

1: Raph
2: Mikey
3: Leo
4: Donnie

Donatello bats clean up against Shredder. Jump up on the ledge and fire off with scrolls when Shredder tries to jump up there and the bo staff lets you hit him when he's below you.
Ryosabr 8 months ago#6
I try to use Mike against 1 hit enemies for speed, Leo for slower multi-hit enemies for a little distance. Raph I mainly use to snipe multi-hit enemies on platforms above me when I don't want to risk Donatello.

For enemies flying at me while I'm jumping, Leo or Don.
Johnny_Ace 4 months ago#7
Exactly. Use Leo and Don for killing enemies; and give Raph and Mike boomerangs and such to clear weaker enemies. AND ALWAYS USE RAPH OR MIKE IN WATER LEVEL.
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brian-oblivion 2 months ago#8
I finally just beat this game last night. And I was surprised by the end how much I used Ralph (who initially I felt was useless). He was really my go to turtle in most situations. Don is too valuable to use all the time (best save his health for the toughest sections and bosses). Leo and Mike are only good against enemies which take 1 hit which was fewer and fewer areas after the middle of the game. Ralph can rip through a lot of areas fairly well but it does require you to be accurate with your strikes.

My preferred way of playing most NES games it to proceed forward quickly and aggressively. Ralph suited my impatient play style. I actually felt a bit like I was playing Ninja Gaiden with Ralph. Leo and Mike have better range but in areas with multi-hit enemies you need to play a little slower and methodically. And even then I rarely used Leo, I preferred Mike for his speed.

I found choosing turtles for different situations and managing their health one of the most satisfying parts of this game. It really does add an engaging level of strategy and variety. Overall I liked this game a lot despite some of the very poor level design decisions.
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