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Golden Road 3 years ago#1
I accidentally discovered this a few days ago. I had 99 boomerangs, and was using them, when an enemy left behind boomerangs. I maxed out at 99, but when I caught the boomerang I'd just thrown, it went up to 00. I could throw it and have 99 again, but I'd have 00 when I caught it again. So it's actually possible to have more than 99 boomerangs! It's not practical, but it's fun to discover that it can be done.

It was easy to test in the building in Area 5 with the boomerangs. Get 99 boomerangs with two turtles, then keep throwing boomerangs with one turtle to catch with the other. You eventually get weird symbols and letters (and the symbol on the pause screen is not always the same as the symbol when you're actually playing).

You can get up to 256 boomerangs this way. If you try to get a 257th, it wraps around back to 1 boomerang, and you'll go down to 0 when you use it. 256 actually shows no boomerangs, but the boomerang symbol is still there, and it goes down to 255 when you throw one. You can't actually directly switch your boomerangs back on if you have 256, since the game seems confused between having 256 versus 0, but if you switch to another turtle and use their sub weapon, you can go back to the turtle with 256 boomerangs to use them.

If you pick up another boomerang item (the kind enemies drop) when you have more than 99 boomerangs, you'll go back down to only 99.

It's almost completely pointless since I can't imagine a situation where you'd need more than 99 boomerangs (not having to ration them is the best thing about boomerangs!), but it's awesome just knowing that you can.
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