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tyro888 4 years ago#1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the hardest games for younger gamers. You had to defeat quite a few enemies to beat it. The ai for the enemies does change which is notable. You may even find their moves humorous. You can save the city using four turtles.

Your goal is go through different sectors and defeat the bosses. Your gonna need all your turtles if your a newbie playing. Even the best nerds may have asked their moms and dads for help on this one. The graphics are bigger than most carts as well like buildings and the characters themselves. The sound effects seem to go well with the action occuring.

The game is fun when exploring the sewers and other sections. The levels are longer than most other games like atari. The game does have a limited amount of continues which means there is a challenge in the game. This game also had a hidden section in it which most gamers never knew. A great cart for the price of owning.
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