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User Info: jerrygamer2

11 years ago#31
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400(2.5GHz, 1066 FSB)-4 GB DDR2(667
)-512MB GeForce GTS 250-320 GB Hard Drive.

User Info: x9hp

11 years ago#32
I have.
"I guess that no matter what i say, you'll do it anyway..." - Alphonse Elric
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User Info: Stink_Terios

11 years ago#33
Just did

User Info: Lousy_Fellow

11 years ago#34
The ending was simple but funny. I enjoyed it.


Now I want to play it... damn.
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User Info: OsafuneKatana

11 years ago#35
^ No. You Don't. AVGN didn't just review the game. He gave us a warning!
"What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets." -Dracula, Castlevania: SotN.

User Info: lunchboxattacks

11 years ago#36

Games today seem like a piece of cake compared to the horror that is Super Pitfall. I find it very hard to imagine anyone with a desire to play such an infuriating game then or now. Does anyone know of a website where they track down the makers of games like this and interview them about what exactly was going through their heads at the time of making them?

User Info: Shadow_Cloud

11 years ago#37
The death animation is hilarious, especially when the Nerd tries to explain the logic behind it.
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  3. Post if you've seen the AVGN episode for this game
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