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User Info: Lil_Bit83

1 year ago#1
Would you guys ever want to see a remake? Just one that fixes the grid based control scheme, gets rid of the heart-based weapon system, (pretty damn annoying) lets you carry unused medicine and pretties up the graphics a bit. (I think they're fine personally)

The music doesn't need to be changed up though. I think its great!

Well, not a remake, that's not what I meant. Just a slightly tweaked re-release.
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User Info: Suikoden420

1 year ago#2
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User Info: Brutus919

1 year ago#3
That would be awesome. StarTropics was always one of my favorite games.

User Info: otakutwin

7 months ago#4
Given the lack of actual good games on consoles, good games I mean games that disappoint usually by lack of content at launch and or low gameplay time. I think game companies should consider remaking the original classic RPG style games or even just action games.
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