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User Info: Grendel Prime

Grendel Prime
6 years ago#11
I'd love to have a bed that grows legs and walks around and flies. It would be cool to meet Flip, too.

What's some of your other favorite NES games? I'll list a couple although I could easily post a couple dozen lol

The Guardian Legend
A Boy and His Blob
Wizards & Warriors 1, 2 & 3
Blaster Master
The Magic of Sheherezade

I'll stop there. Obviously there's some major titles I could list (Zelda, Mario, Metroid) but I figured those are a given.

User Info: TriforceSD

6 years ago#12
Castlevania 1 and 3. Never played 2 though.
Battletoads---though the difficulty is so much that I can't play it too long at a time
Excellent use for the Mario Paint Composer program in performing one of Chicago's songs:
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