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User Info: MrWatson

7 years ago#1
Especially the last stage

User Info: VeryFunTimes

7 years ago#2
It's not a walk in the park, that's for damn sure. A piece of cake, maybe not. Easy as pie, well now I'm lost.
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User Info: PiersMorganWebb

7 years ago#3
It's easy like a Sunday morning, baby.
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User Info: X_Death78

7 years ago#4
After a bit of practice the game becomes relatively easy.....except for Nightmare Land. I still always have trouble with the section with the fire spitting walls and floors. That part is like ROM hack difficulty. It's ridiculous.

User Info: TriforceSD

7 years ago#5
Hard? I would not say that, but I agree that is is not something I would consider easy. It took a while to master Dream 5, for instance. Nitemere Land? That one took while too. I have not played in a while, so I'm not so sure I could beat it without a few gameovers...
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