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User Info: Lvthn

7 years ago#31
It actually doesn't bother me if people think they are, or want to theorize around it. The Mother series is built on fan theories. But some fans are...too insistent that it's gospel truth. Especially given how much dialogue is changed in translation (something I am an authority on, I did an entire patch restoring dialogue in EarthBound, a few hundred lines of text, which Tomato says is about 10% of the difference between Mother 2 and EB...yikes).

On the subject of Nemo, I'm surprised this hasn't endured as a better known classic. NES insiders know it of course, but it's largely undiscussed, much like StarTropics. Both games were pretty popular in their day really, both ranked decently on Nintendo Power's top games polls, most of my friends had played both (though both were considered pretty hard back then).

I always loved this game, I like how every level has its own thing going for it, both in theme and gameplay. Catchy music, too.

User Info: TriforceSD

7 years ago#32
Mother 2---that's a new one for me. I must have lived life in the dark. lol
Startropics, I have heard of, but its another I have not played yet...
I don't brake when I see brake lights---I go around....

User Info: VeryFunTimes

7 years ago#33
I have three mothers.

User Info: TriforceSD

7 years ago#34
3 moms? I can't beat that..though I do have 2...


Thinking about the Nemo anniversary thing again...
Did the Adventures of Slumberland start in 1905? I know that year shows up in the beginning introduction in the game....but I thought the comics didnt debut until a few years later...

I could be wrong... I get dates mixed up a lot so go figure!
I don't brake when I see brake lights---I go around....
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