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User Info: scronan2000

8 years ago#1
Wow, never thought there would be so many cool threads to read about this awesome game. Picked up the cart a while ago to relive some good old times - man did I play the hell out of this game as a kid. :)

One thing that has always bothered me though was the misinformation about the armors defensive powers. It seems like most of the FAQs on here just copied and pasted the same wrong info from the manual (especially saying that the Battle Helmet blocks magic, when in fact as most players know, it doesn't do a damn thing). Some years ago I did a lot of testing to figure out just how much defense the armor and the Onyx really provide and planned to write up a FAQ but never got around to it. I remembered the exact numbers being far different from the manual.

I went over the figures again and it looks like what I found is spot on for what I read about in another thread on here. Anyway this was done by testing damage on the first enemy in the game (little spiky bread dropping crab like dudes). The first number represents the hits required to die with full life, the second is the same but with the Black Onyx, ie:

Armor/Hits to Die/Hits to Die with Black Onyx:

Leather Armor: 12/14
Studded Mail: 14/16
Full Plate: 16/19
Battle Armor: 23/31

So, from all of that we find:

Studded Mail: Decreases damage by around 16%
Full Plate: Decreases damage by 25%
Battle Armor: Decreases damage by 50%

Black Onyx: Decreases damage by 16% for the first three armors, however it gives an extra bonus when wearing the Battle Armor which decreases damage by about 35%

Battle Armor with Black Onyx: Decreases damage by approximately 85%

I had forgotten about the higher power that the Black Onyx gives you with the Battle Amror, anyone else notice this as well? I also did some testing at various levels...and unlike the walking speed, you take the same damage as either a Novice or a Lord. But that damn Battle Helmet...that thing has pi$$ed me off for more than 20 years...such a shame (just like the crappy Pendant). ;)
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