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User Info: joshua_g

11 years ago#1
Enemy HP data is stored around $034A if you want to use an emulator's hex viewer to see it during gameplay. An enemy dies when its HP goes *negative* (not $00).

The Hand Dagger does 5 points of damage, the Long Sword 10 points, the Giant Blade 15 points, and the Dragon Slayer 20. If you have the Pendant, these values are 4, 8, 12, and 16 respectively.

The manual says that Thunder does 4x the damage of Deluge while Fire does 1.5x. This is backward. Here are the true values:
Deluge - 6 points of damage
Thunder - 9
Fire - 24
Death - 34
Tilte - 38
If you have the Magic Rod, these are increased to 9, 13, 36, 51, and 57 respectively. (i.e. increased by 50 percent).
There are some enemies (undead?) who are hardly affected at all by the Death spell.

MP cost is as follows:
Deluge - 2 points
Thunder - 4
Fire - 6
Death - 10
Tilte - 16
These charts show that Fire is one of the best overall spells. It's fairly cheap to cast, pretty powerful, and it's fast and moves in a straight line (Death is very slow, and Tilte moves in a really weird manner that makes it hard to aim.)

Studded Mail reduces damage by 1/8. Full Plate reduces it by 1/4.
Having the Black Onyx reduces damage by 1/8; this is cumulative with your armor.

The max player HP and MP is 80. Dried Meat recovers 30 HP and 30 MP. The martial arts lesson recovers 40 HP and the magic lesson recovers 40 MP.

Important RAM locations:
$0390-0391: Experience
$0392-0394: Gold
$0399: HP (max $50, start with $10)
$039A: MP (max $50, start with $00)
$03BD: Equipped weapon
$03BE: Equipped armor
$03BF: Equipped shield
$03C0: Equipped magic
$03C1: Equipped item
$039B: Horizontal position on screen

$039D-03A0: Weapon inventory
$03AD-03B4: Item inventory
$03C6: Number of items

More to come.

User Info: radblast

11 years ago#2
Aw, sweet! Raw data! I must have! More, more!!! Mmmmmmm...
Nice find. I thought I remembered Death not working well against some enemies. As for Tilte, that's mainly for the end areas, when you have bosses up in corners and such, like the Rock Dropper.

Do you have the MP costs with the Magic Rod by any chance? HP damages dealt with teh Glove? Does it stack with Pendant? And IIRC, damage received without any armor is the same as with Leather Armor.

User Info: HylianFox

11 years ago#3
Does it stack with Pendant?

Also, bear in mind that the Pendant reduces the damage dealt by the player. By about 25% I believe.

User Info: christopher_87

11 years ago#4
Unless you're using my fixes, the programmers used the opposite of the desired opcode -- resulting in the pendant's power being given to you when you don't have the pendant. I hope that makes sense.

User Info: radblast

11 years ago#5
Yeah, I know, but I mean does the Glove and Pendant combine, giving you about normal attack power?

User Info: christopher_87

11 years ago#6
That is a fine question. Without my patch, you immediately have the effects of the Pendant -- and the effects of the glove clearly work during that instance in the beginning of the game, so yes, the attack power does stack up regardless of whether or not you have the Pendant. (:

User Info: radblast

11 years ago#7
So the Glove will override the Pendant. I also ntoiced the Glove and Ointments will nto appear if you are already under their effects...just thought I'd drop this info.

User Info: radblast

11 years ago#8
Joshua_g, since I plan on using this info in my guide, what should I credit you as (Joshua_g?) Or would you prefer to go by something different.

User Info: Robot2600

11 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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