2 months ago #7
    Thanks for the tag tori! This is still on my boards list but I am lazy and don't click through very often... also, hi MI and hi Darkwing, nice to see you guys around still.

    First off a note for future posterity that 1who correctly one of the lines in that pseudocode in the following post (#168), just to avoid propagating something no one thinks is correct.

    Darkwing: are you saying that $566 is actually a counter for how many times you've tried to run? (Or how many times you've selected the "run" command, if there's a parallel glitch to parry/fight here...) I'm kind of surprised that 1who would not have noticed such an obvious pattern in how its value changed, but maybe he didn't look at it in situ. Can you confirm this is how the value changes? Thanks!