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    Makes sense. I haven't played this in a bit, but I played the hell out of it in years past, doing a number of normal runs and challenge runs alike. I rarely recall ever getting to turn 4 when trying all out to run, much less past turn 4, so yeah, that makes sense from what I've seen, but I wasn't sure and I wouldn't try to rely on old memories just from things I've witnessed. And I don't know too much about code, so I just rely on things dug up by other folks. Anyway, thanks for digging up that post!

    Gonna go ahead and tag @slartifer here to make him aware of this topic. Not sure how often he comes around here still (I hadn't checked this board in a while now, just lucky timing that I stumbled onto this), but it hasn't been that long since I've spoken to him, and while I can't say for sure, I feel confident that he would want to correct any errors that might exist in that FAQ.
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