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User Info: FionordeQuester

3 months ago#1
Since he (and whoever helped him) modded Dragon Warrior III so many times during the Hard Mode patch, I wanted his help in...

1) Patching out the Parry/Fight bug

2) Disabling individual sound channels

3) Adding some new songs (mainly NES remixes of songs that appeared in the Remakes)

Would anyone happen to know what he's up to, these days?
In simplicity is perfection

User Info: Robot2600

2 months ago#2
don't know zombero. sound hacking is really hard on the NES, songs like the zelda outland intro are usually made my glitching the sound code, sometimes by changing a single bit of data, then the artist recognizes that the glitch is cool and changes it permanently in the binary assembly code, usually using a HEX editor. u won't have any idea what every line of code does, you basically keep glitching the rom until u learn what u want or u give up. you could make an RPG Maker 2000 game from scratch easier than you can do the romhack stuff u want to.

not saying u shouldn't play around with dragon warrior 3, typically graphics hacks are the easiest because u don't have to change any hex code, just edit pixels. to fix the pallets u have to start hex editing tho.

u should try OHRRPGCE it's a 16-bit RPG engine with a DOS-based interface.

User Info: StyrixA

1 month ago#3
Do you know of any graphics hacks that are compatible with Hardtype?

I'm about to start playing his hack today.
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  3. Where's Zombero, nowadays?