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User Info: Robot2600

10 months ago#1
Starting this game today. Using JNES + NES->USB controller. I have the cart, but f*** it.

No save states. No emulator magic. Not doing any stat-scumming, start-scumming, resetting, or exploit stuff. No FAQs.

Making new maps & drawings.

Over the last decade... I've gotten pretty far before on two occasions using original hardware. Also, 5-7 attempts that might have hit level 10. Finally, 3 note-able failed attempts to complete the GameBoy version (1 GBC, 2 on GBASP), and probably 20 hours of making new parties and never going anywhere.

I've beaten Dragon Warrior 1 many times (got my cart as part of the promotion). Dragon Warrior 2 once (Dec 2006). Doing 3 now.



& a Merchant, for the quest.

User Info: Edjemaster

10 months ago#2
I am into the final part of the game (to not spoil anything just in case, I'll just say "THAT" part) on my first playthrough and I am enjoying the game much more than I thought I would. I have Hero, Pilgrim, Wizard and Fighter (who replaced my Soldier from the start) and the only downside I see to this game is that you don't really have any need to change class when you think about it, but for a first game using a class-changing system, it's a great start!

User Info: skater43

10 months ago#3
Never beaten the game and taking a goof-off. Brave move, but can't say a wise one. Now, they can class change into a very useful party member, and maybe that's what you're going for, but A) you can get an item to change any one into that class and B) the first part of the game is going to be a bit rough. I did a hero and three goof-off run once and obviously, that's much worse than just one goof-off, but it was brutal. Hero had jack for MP (there were times when his level was higher than his max MP) which didn't help, but basically, it felt like doing a solo run in that the hero was the only one contributing anything useful to the party. Except I didn't have to worry about an unlucky numb or something taking out the hero/causing a game over, and the experience had to be split four ways, so leveling up was tedious. So as I finally got them to level 20, I didn't hesitate to class change them. I would suggest swapping the goof-off for a priest/pilgrim, as their healing is going to be useful as opposed to the turn-wasters the goof-off will bring to the table. Then again, you started this a week ago, so have already seen the "fun" of having a goof-off in the party. So I'll say good luck and hope you see it through to the end this time. This is my personal favorite of the series and one I've played through several times.
"Never again is what you swore the time before." - Depeche Mode, "Policy of Truth"

User Info: Robot2600

10 months ago#4
The Adventure Begins Anew...

It's awesome that other people are interested in this. I've started DW3 many times, and the first few towns are all half-familiar. Romaly. Reeve. Like waking up from a dream, I know It's only just beginning.

Will this be the time?

Every other time I've taken a Pilgrim. F*** it though, I need a challenge and I've always felt like the Pilgrim was a drag.

Lucy is the hero of this story. On her 16th birthday she was drunk in the town pub & met 3 other girls who became friends and they all decided to murder someone. Lucy's friends are:

XXXX, an escaped prisoner, aka "the soldier with no name"
Julie, a local singer who is done with this town, &
Doom, a witch

Julie's songs kept everyone's spirits high as the party slaughtered everything in the local tower & gtfo'd the island on which they had all be born.

User Info: Lhunthangion

9 months ago#5
I like to take two teams and level up both accordingly.

1st team will consist of Hero, Soldier, Pilgrim, and Wizard.

2nd team will consist of Hero, Soldier, Fighter, Merchant.

2nd team will rely heavily on the Hero to take them through spots that require you to use magic for healing, although you'll want to stock up on Medical Herbs and Antidote Herbs.

When you get the Solider to Level 20 in team 2, you can turn him into the Sage using the Book of Satori. Then team 2 will have all the same magic that team 1 would have, along with a Crit-Hitting Fighter.

User Info: atmasabr

9 months ago#6
Never beaten the game and taking a goof-off. Brave move, but can't say a wise one.

Nah. It's stable.

just so long as you're willing to play a lot of the game with orange text! :D

Besides, the guy's puttered around the Romaly region. That's one of the more difficult encounter regions of the game.

Hero and Soldier work pretty well together, though Wizard has slightly better synergy with either Fighter or with Hero-Pilgrim. Wizard and Fighter both get good Agility, while the latter can sometimes double or even triple cast attack or support magic without too much worry of wasting previous healing MP.
Do your own research!

User Info: Clairvoyant1332

9 months ago#7
Another interesting combo is Hero and 3 Fighters.

With the high agility and strong attacks of the Fighters, along with the Hero having the Meteorite Armband, enemies will get in a lot less attacks. It's a case of the best defense is a good offense.

You'll also save a ton of money on weapons and armor, aside from the time that Fighting Suits become available.

User Info: atmasabr

9 months ago#8
I've done Hero and 1 Fighter and even some parts with Hero and 2 Fighters. I don't consider four-character parties stable with only one healer. Most of the time it works, but others I'd let the fourth guy fall.
Do your own research!

User Info: Robot2600

8 months ago#9
Still doing this!

User Info: KingRamz

8 months ago#10
It's a great game. And if you could beat II, you definitely have it in you to beat III.
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