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  3. Leave the hero, take 4 others...hack or cheat code for this anywhere?

User Info: Shoregrey

11 months ago#1
I have always wanted to be able to leave the hero at the beginning of the game and take 4 custom characters out to play and beat the game with, probably a 4-of-a-kind type challenge run. Has anyone ever devised a cheat or hack to allow this?
Keith WP
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User Info: zenithian66

11 months ago#2
There may be a more direct way of doing this, but if you have the patience to play through the entire game without saving once, then upon beating Zoma the save file will have the 'Erdrick' flag set and the Hero will become eligible to be stashed at Luisa's Place. In that manner, you can then take any four person party through the game as if it were a normal play through, as none of the bosses or quest items will have been marked as completed/obtained.

The catch to this is that the game is automatically saved when depositing the Merchant at New Town, which is typically required to obtain the Yellow Orb. I say typically, because there is a glitch that you can perform with the Dream Ruby that can allow you to obtain arbitrary items in your inventory, including the Yellow Orb.

Eight years ago now, another user pulled off this feat on an NES cart and was able to play through a true hero-less game. You can read through the overview of how he accomplished the feat in this topic:


And here is another topic talking about a 4 Fighter party that he later ran through the game with:


A more technical write-up of the Dream Ruby glitch can be found here:

See the Dream Ruby glitch in action:

User Info: DQjunkie22

11 months ago#3
You can use this cheat to activate the Erdrick flag, which will allow you to part with the hero:

60b7:01:Erdrick Flag

This is a RAM cheat for use in an emulator. I don't know what the code would be in Game Genie format, but I'm sure you can use a converter to get the GG version.

User Info: joaquintall

11 months ago#4
^ That's awesome that you found that. I wanted to do the same, so I hacked in every quest item as needed, which allows one to skip the New Town sequence, but haven't done the research to isolate the hex code.
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  3. Leave the hero, take 4 others...hack or cheat code for this anywhere?
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