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User Info: ranoutofnames

2 months ago#1
In the cheats section was posted the following glitch:

Double Sword of Destruction
-Have the Falcon Sword equipped to your dead Hero before entering Hargon Castle.
-Enter the Castle. Equip the Sword of Destruction to your dead hero.
-Get out of Hargon Castle.
-Revive hero.

Now the hero attacks twice with the Sword of Destruction.

Saving or lv up might negate this glitch.
Contributed By: Garnovich.

I've verified the above works just fine. But before you enter the castle you can also remove Erdrick's Shield and Erdrick's Armor and make sure the Gremlin's Armor and Evil Shield are also in your inventory so you can equip them when you're equipping the Sword of Destruction.

When you leave the castle and revive the hero, he will only have the Falcon Sword and Erdrick's Helmet equipped if you look at his stats screen, but he will also get the additional boost from the cursed armor as well as the huge increased double damage on the Sword of Destruction.

This trick works for any piece of armor on any character as long as it's equippable for them, but really this is the only worthwhile way to go about it.

After doing this, I tried to also boost the Prince's defense equipping the Gremlin's Armor and the Mysterious Hat. It worked, and neither were equipped when I left the castle and revived, but unfortunately if you enter any character's equip menu it will erase and reset the stats you bumped for any characters prior to entering the menu. (Since you can only get one Mysterious Hat drop in the game, I figured this would be the way to use it twice).

I verified that saving the game in-game (not save states) does not erase these stats. However, if you're not on maximum level the stats will be recalculated when you level up. So I'd only even bother if you took the time to max everyone out.

My final stats for the hero using this method were 253 Attack Power and 170 Defense Power at level 50, and that's 253 twice per attack since the Falcon Sword was technically still equipped.

Just another insane and needless stat-maxing factiod. The game is completely broken at maximum level even without doing this cheat, and if you use the cheat you'll steamroll the final boss in 2 rounds with hardly a scratch.
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  3. Double Sword of Destruction Glitch+
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