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  3. How does the game calculate if you will run away successfully?

User Info: streb5

9 months ago#1
How does the game calculate whether you will successfully run away? It seems like when I’m on my boat and I run into four Ghost Mice I have a much harder time running from them than I do, say, Sea Slugs/Man o’ Wars.

User Info: butane_bob

5 months ago#2
Check the guide called "Formula Guide" by ryan8bit for the original Dragon Quest on NES. It has a section explaining exactly how this stuff is calculated and it carries over into all the sequels.


User Info: Pre_PHD_Lee

5 months ago#3
Dragon Warrior III has a similar guide on game mechanics: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/nes/587249-dragon-warrior-iii/faqs/64752

The running mechanics in that game are completely different than the running mechanics in Dragon Warrior I, so it's probably not safe to assume Dragon Warrior II has the same mechanics as either one.

From my memory with no other data (and it's been a few years now since my last playthrough), I would guess that this game's mechanics on running were probably closer to, though not necessarily identical to, Dragon Warrior III.
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User Info: Joe73ffdq

5 months ago#4
I have been gradually working on a mod for a few years, and havent tested the run routine yet.

12A61 :A90FLDA #$0F 5 : Run Away #0f : -- broke away and ran.
12A63 :85ADSTA $AD
12A65 :A009LDY #$09
12A67 :B1B5LDA ($B5),Y
12A69 :AATAX
12A6B :8ATXA
12A6C :91B5STA ($B5),Y
12A6E :A003LDY #$03
12A70 :A9FFLDA #$FF
12A72 :91B7STA ($B7),Y
12A74 :20849AJSR $9A84
12A77 :D004BNE $04
12A79 :A9FELDA #$FE
12A7B :8598STA $98
12A7D :20DC9CJSR $9CDC
12A80 :ACE206LDY $06E2
12A83 :A9FFLDA #$FF
12A85 :91B5STA ($B5),Y
12A87 :60RTS


User Info: Kigalas

5 months ago#5
I’m pretty sure DWII just has a straight 5/8 chance to run.
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  3. How does the game calculate if you will run away successfully?
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