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User Info: BasesLoadedWalk

9 years ago#1
I've recently started on a journey of attempting to beat all JRPGs in chronological order starting with Dragonstomper for Atari 2600 and ending with the most recent JRPG that has been released. Obviously I'll never finish but I think it'll be fun to see how far I get.

I hate using strategy guides or getting tips from others. Therefore, if I am stuck to the point where it's frustrating me and making me not want to play anymore I will look at a FAQ but then restart my entire game. I only allow myself to overcome one "obstacle" per strategy guide peek and therefore may end up restarting games multiple times. I feel like that's a fair price to pay for "cheating."

After I beat each game I will post my final game stats (with my final armor) on the respective gamefaqs message board page. Remember, 99% of these games I've never even played before so if my levels are ridiculously high that's because it took me forever to figure out what to do next.

Feel free to post any comments/questions regarding my quest or my play-through of this game.

Dragon Warrior II:

Bennnnn Lv. 36,
Str 136, Ag 96, HP 197, MP 0, ATP 229, DP 128

Artho Lv. 32,
Str 70, Ag 105, HP 160, MP 115, ATP 90, DP 102

Varia Lv. 27,
Str 36, Ag 128, HP 151, MP 179, ATP 44, DP 84

JRPGs beaten: 3
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User Info: davidvinc

9 years ago#2
awesome, i wouldn't do the whole 'starting over' thing because you have such a monumental task ahead of you anyway. But good luck! I would love to hear your thoughts and review of the game when you are done as well. What game comes next after this?

User Info: slartifer

9 years ago#3
Cool idea... but surely there was more than one JRPG produced before DQ1?

User Info: x_loto

9 years ago#4
I wouldn't be surprised. Horii-san pretty much created the JRPG sub-genre with DQ, based on ideas from WRPGs at the time.
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  3. My quest of beating JRPGs in chronological order with no help (Final Stats)
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