I just beat this game

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User Info: RaisinBizzle

7 months ago#1
Never beat it as a kid, although I remember playing it several times. I remember it being more expansive as I'm sure my kid imagination led me to believe, but there the map is only a few screens across.

Playing the racing level to build up stars to use life up and invincibility was crucial to being able to beat the pirates of the Caribbean level, and helped on the haunted mansion level as well, which are easily the two hardest segments. The mine cart or whatever level was pretty hard until I learned you could slow down to avoid boulders and gates. Race car level was pretty easy once I learned to stop for the damn bridge. Space level was simple enough but still took a few tries.

Disappointed that there is no final level after you get all six keys. Cute concept for a game, but not one I will probably ever go back to.
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User Info: HylianFox

7 months ago#2
This game taught me that Cinderella's surname is Tremaine
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