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User Info: Big_Ownage

2 months ago#1
This post is going to contain spoilers for Season 4 of the Castlevania anime so be warned.

I am also going to get a bit of nerd rage off my chest about Grant's treatment in the anime. Overall, I think the anime is not bad, although it doesn't really feel like Castlevania until Season 4. Also, a lot of it is really slow and Dracula is barely in it. Season 4 is the best season by far though because I think it fixes (or tries to fix) a lot of the problems with the first seasons. However, one glaring problem is how Grant is treated and since Grant is my favorite secondary character in Castlevania 3, it really bothered me when I was watching the show.

Spoilers start here:
Despite being one of the main characters of Castlevania 3, Grant does not appear at all in the anime and I feel like Warren Ellis contemptuously trolled Grant fans throughout the series (he never should have written the show in my opinion, we'll get to that soon). Ellis said that he had no knowledge of Castlevania before being asked to write for it. When the series first started, Ellis said that Grant had a stupid name and that a pirate in Transylvania doesn't make sense because it is landlocked. This just feels like lazy hackery and flat out contempt for the source material. Although Transylvania is landlocked, Romania's eastern border is on the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea is not far to the south . It doesn't seem difficult at all to conceive that Grant's village is in Transylvania and he left it to go to sea and be a pirate. The name being "stupid" just feels like contempt for the source material and a hollow excuse because in Season 4, there is actually a village called Danesti that plays a big part in the story.

Then in Season 2, Isaac and his group actually go to the sea and hire a ship's captain. When I saw the ship, I immediately became hopeful that it would be Grant, but it is just some random side character they made up. Then in Season 3, there is even more trolling when Belmont says there is some guy in a horse-drawn sailboat on wheels that called himself the pirate of the roads. Ellis confirmed that this is a dig at Grant, very heavily banking on the idea that Transylvania is landlocked like a smug and ignorant jerk. Finally, in Season 4, we get word there is a village called Danesti, which helps the team fight the return of Dracula. They even make up a new character called Greta of Danesti, who could have easily just been Grant and made all of us fans happy, but instead they just tease us and come up with a generic side character. Full on nerd rage!

Why did Grant get the shaft like that? I think it shows that Ellis was not the right person to write this show. He didn't know the source material and he wanted to do his own thing, which is why the show never feels like Castlevania until the end. It would have been so easy to write Grant in and have him be a cool character. Imagine this scenario based on his backstory in the game: Grant is from Danesti in Transylvania, but leaves for the Black Sea to be a pirate and make his fortune. His ship runs into a ship carrying Dracula back to Romania and the monsters on board kill everyone but Grant. Dracula turns him into a monster, makes him kill most of his village, and then stations him in the castle to guard the clock tower. The team fights him when they are storming the castle, he turns back into a human, swears revenge on Dracula, and joins the team. How hard was that? The fighting animation in the anime is really good, and it would have been sweet to see Grant climb around and throw weapons at enemies. Such a wasted opportunity.

End of nerd rage. I feel better getting that off my chest hahaha. Any other big fans of Grant out there? Show some love for everyone's favorite vampire slaying pirate ninja.
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User Info: knightmere122

1 month ago#2
Personally I don’t like what the show did to many of the characters.
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User Info: Big_Ownage

1 month ago#3
I agree. I don't really like sarcastic, jerk Trevor Belmont. Dracula is kind of a joke. It goes to my point about how Ellis really had no respect for the source material.

User Info: UncleDale

1 month ago#4
Thanks to everyone for chiming in, interesting to see what others think. I've been with Castlevania since 1987. The biggest thing I missed is the familiar music. In the first season near the final battle I heard a favorite piece of music. And at the end of season 4 the music was similar to Super CV4 ending music, but not quite it. My favorite characters were Issac and Hector. Issac being my favorite, had an interesting background as a slave, turned into a formidable wizard. My favorite scene in the entire Netflix 4 seasons was the huge sphere of bodies over the city, and Issac running for the wizard in the citadel who was controlling them, then bodies raining all around. Epic! And felt so much like a video game. I liked the look of Alucard, and his sword silently floating around him was so eerie and good to watch. And I'm glad they introduced the cross (we called it a boomerang back in the day!) in the end. I assumed that Greta was supposed to be Grant, and they were just trying to make it all gender equality and whatnot, 2 men and 2 women. But reading the above posts, I see that is not the case. Also, a final thought: As for the country being landlocked and so forth-- as if anything in Castlevania isn't a huge stretch of middle earth adventure and lore. Why would anyone be concerned about something not making sense? So I'm in agreement that it was stupid, not only to leave Grant out, but to make an excuse about it. Stupid excuse. Just say he doesn't fit in the pre-meditated arc. It would be that simple.
Uncle Dale

User Info: Mykie

4 weeks ago#5
I can't contribute much because I stopped watching after the first season because I didn't like it. But I'm also a big Grant fan; he's also my favourite secondary character in the game. But the more I see of the show, the more it looks off. I'll just stick to the games. I never cared much for story in Castlevania anyway.
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User Info: Big_Ownage

3 weeks ago#6
Mykie posted...
I can't contribute much because I stopped watching after the first season because I didn't like it. But I'm also a big Grant fan; he's also my favourite secondary character in the game. But the more I see of the show, the more it looks off. I'll just stick to the games. I never cared much for story in Castlevania anyway.
I feel you. I like that they kind of tried to use the Symphony of the Night story where Dracula is mad at humanity because they killed his wife, but they really messed it up and the way all of the main characters were done is.....well, not good. The theme in the anime is kind of that humanity is terrible. I don't think that idea is completely absurd, humans do a lot of terrible things, but it seems misplaced in this anime and completely not germane with the original games.

The series should have just started with Dracula's castle rising out of the ground and causing chaos, which leads Trevor to start going toward the castle to kill Dracula. You don't need to know any more than that in the beginning. Dracula's story would have been more effective if it was filled in later. If you've ever seen Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, that is the kind of vibe I am talking about. The movie just opens with the vampire kidnapping the woman in a very cool scene. As the story goes on, you find out more about him and he becomes sympathetic, but the movie just jumps right into the action. Castlevania the anime starts with a whole bunch of exposition and boring set up that never really pays off. None of it is necessary to make the story effective and instead it just weighs everything down.

User Info: creep50

2 weeks ago#7
grant fans always get the short stick

they got it again with 'bloodstained curse of the moon'

where every character from castlevania 3 got some sort of a 'representation'...except grant,

Ryu from ninja gaiden got that representation instead

as for the series I don't like how fast they killed off Dracula and how trevor almost felt as a side character in favour of alucard.. also season 3 just got weird in the end, especially with those anime 'sex scenes'..alucard did almost nothing throughout that season
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