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  3. Who shakes hands like that

User Info: SauI_Goodman

1 year ago#1
Left handed handshakes lmao
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User Info: Hotel_Security

1 year ago#2
It's funny because, in those times, we were amazed they could even animate a handshake. Definitely looks silly though.

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User Info: Big_Ownage

11 months ago#3
I love the little riff that plays when they shake hands though. It makes it really satisfying when you add a team member.

User Info: TriforceSD

11 months ago#4
I never noticed that but that's interesting. Personally I don't care which hand people want to use, but it just feels odd using my left hand to shake.
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User Info: codman4

9 months ago#5
So glad someone else noticed this!

User Info: Johnny_Ace

3 months ago#6
Well if they had arm wrestling in Track & Field 2; why would you be amazed the NES was capable of showing a handshake?
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User Info: SauI_Goodman

3 months ago#7
its not the handshake.

Left handed handshakes lmao
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User Info: Megabeagle

2 months ago#8
Funny enough, Konami edited the handshake when doing the conversion from the Famicom to the NES version. IIRC, the Famicom CV3 had the traditional right-handed handshake, but the sprites overlapped/looked awkward so they adjusted it to a left-handed shake lol
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  3. Who shakes hands like that
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