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3 years ago#1
I've noticed this for a while, but never thought to ask, at least I don't recall bringing it up.
But unlike the first game, this game does not drop random things other than small hearts, the II and III shot blocks, and special items. The only exception I've seen is when defeating the snake dragon enemies, which either leave several small hearts or 100 point bags.

More specifically, the first game's enemies could also randomly drop the cross item, the invisibility cup, large hearts, and 100, 400, and 700 bonus bags. Was this intentional or is this a bug? Because of this, the only time you can get the invisibilty cup is on the ghost ship.

I have noticed in one of the remakes of this game, the enemies can drop all of the items. Obviously, I had to ask if there was a bug in the NES version.. Any thoughts?
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