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User Info: R3DSP8C3

9 years ago#1
I'll start off with this...this game is hard. If you're the type of gamer to take most nes games within the first 5 minutes this will be dubbed a really crappy castlevania clone thats ridiculously hard and it will not be played again. Like I did the first time I played it.

However, this could not be farther from the truth. Once I committed myself to beating this game..it forced me to try to get good at it. In doing so it opened me up to what used to be an awesome 2 player platformer for back in its day. And talk about hard for CART. Randomly hidden riddles in each level hint to where to place a jewel at the end of the game that each boss drops. If you fail this riddle you lose..hope you saved that password. LMAO.

Then for what I guess you could call replay value they say you did a lame job and give you a password to the same exact game with faster enemies..how...cliche...and then when/if (hopefully you dont get suckered into it) you beat it a second time your purple troll/gargoyle master hints that theres much more to be done. And you guessed it. the same game again.

So hard.. but it really is a true 1 OR 2 player challenge for those looking for one.

Mission: Play and beat every nes game via alphabetical order.
I WILL get this done. :D

User Info: HylianFox

9 years ago#2
I find the faster game easier than the first.

The timing isn't so off.
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User Info: aeepahzieoi

9 years ago#3
It's not that the game is too hard. It really isn't hard if you just keep trying. Eventually you will figure out what you have to do. But in my case I found this game too frustrating. I gave in and looked at a FAQ. I think this game would be better if it had a screen of text giving the player a few key hints that would make the trial and error seem a little more hopeful, if that makes any sense.
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