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User Info: Lokarin

10 years ago#1
One of the few games I have multiple carts of. Everyone seemed to LOVE the cover art, bought it and then gave up and sent me the game.

I've heard lots of people call it a Castlevania clone, which at the time was any game where you could use stairs.

I always made up my own story for this game, about a man (and his bird) who wants to be the best and travels across the world to do so. But apparently the actual story is Too Weird To Believe... I suggest you look it up sometime since I don't have any scans.

This game was made by a number of different companies, I'd say TAXAN is the most notable name for being the makers of very strange games (Like Mystery Quest, which I shall never play again)

Let's Play: 8 Eye's (or just 8 Eyes)

Since my bro has opted not to play... I'll be starting a new game. I select 1PLAY. and Initiate.

I'm presented with a simple world select (literally) and can go to Spain, Africa, Arabia, Italy, India, Egypt and Germany.

Similar to Megaman you can do the levels in any order and get a new weapon. However, unlike Megaman you can only use the weapon from the last level you cleared and cannot repeat levels... the bosses are so hard you better pick the right place first.

Hitting Select opens a strange menu filled with nothing but dashes and a picture of my sword. My sword has a shiny black finish to it... I wonder if this is a clue? Since the guardian of the Black Eye is the leader of Spain, let's try Spain first.

(I had to replace my controller... the other one was really going crazy. I'll try some repairs later, but it's likely I'll need to buy another one. It's ok though, I only paid $4.95 for it about 15 years ago)

Next time on LP8: Spain

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User Info: Lokarin

10 years ago#2
In a post apocalyptic world I instantaneously fly to Spain... I guess Cutrus knows HM's.

The front door is locked, but there is an obvious switch I can use.

Here's a little tip: The intro rooms for every level have a power up hidden on them. In the Spain level it's the upper left rampart block. Hit it three times to get a Super S Pot which is kinda like a Mega-elixir.

Of course... hitting it in one player mode is very difficult since you can't directly control Cutrus the way player two can. If you are looking for a CO-OP game, this is it.

I enter the Duchy of Spain. (They're all dukes in this game)

The enemies... look human. (They're supposed to be horrible mutants).

Also killing them turns them into crosses... This game would require an M rating these days because of this.

I kill a man with a knife and he was happy to give me his knife... it's a subweapon (like castlevania) and works virtually the same way.

Cutrus does some attacking... and nicks a secret panel in the wall. I reveal and collect one of the hidden scrolls. "Between Green and Purple are two jewels." Ok.

Next screen I'm attacked by a giant bat... I get hit several times. At this point I notice your character is actually quite sturdy. You have a rather sizable life bar to do levels with. I defeat a knight and collect another subweapon, the "Power Ball". It's similar to the knife in that you just throw it forward, but it moves in a wave pattern.... it also doesn't actually do anything. Only a rare few enemies even take damage from it and it costs a LOT of ammo. Luckily, you keep your knife and can swap between any items you pick up on a stage.

There are more crosses in the background... oh Nintendo.

Defeating what might be a crazed naked Spanish ninja I get the Ice Ball, one of the better subweapons. It costs a lot of ammo too. A hit with it stuns an enemy for several seconds... moreover if you miss with it it will bounce and roll for a while until it does hit something.

I kill more varied thugs, honour their crosses (by converting them into ammo) and climb the tower. (Which could be the Tower of Hercules, but Ima not go into that...)

Oh! Flying Flaming Skulls

And a lancer in heavy armour...

Oh, top of the tower. I beat up some archers and climb down the other side. I beat up an axe knight.

What's this? And invincible enemy? I guess stabbing naked people is 'dishonourable' or something... There's a naked, bearded man trying to kick me. Cutrus tears him apart though and I get a Reddish-brown cross (this one heals me)

i keep climbing down the stairs... stairs are dangerous BTW. If you walk off the ledge you actually can fall down the stairs.

Down more... music change! Boss time. I collect the hidden S Jar straight across from the stairs and Cutrus (not Orin) is fully recovered... BLAH. I only have 3 bars of health left... so ima let Cutrus do all the work. Or not... I can't get Cutrus down there (Rawr... Where's player two when you need him)

Ok, so I equip the Ice ball and start fighting the Duke of Spain... he's quite tall and his sword is very large. I release Cutrus into the fray and he actually distracts the boss occasionally.

Ha! There's a staircase up on the left side... using it I get Cutrus on the right floor as the boss while being perfectly safe! Cutrus attacks wildly and defeats the boss with ease. I collect the Black Eye.

Now, I have tea with the Duke of Spain. Yes, dignified tea. Served by a skeleton waiter. I also get a new sword, a Red one.

Checking the manual I see the Duke of the Duchy of Egypt holds the Red Eye...

Next time on LP8: The Duchy of Egypt ('Cuz he's a duke)

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User Info: Lokarin

10 years ago#3
Oh, a pyramid... how, stock. Also the statues here may not be Egyptian... I think they're Mesopotamian, but IDK I'm just a gamer, not a doctor (of archaeology)

The hidden power up block is easy to get here, it's in the low block on the left side where you start.

A red skeleton, wielding... I guess a chain? (some unknown weapon) approaches... is defeated. I get the Ice Ball from this guy. Off to a great start.

Up the stairs I beat some more Skeletal warriors and collect a blue jar. A blue jar increases your maximum health and item power by one bar, but you have to fill it yourself.

Also bats.

Ahead (up) I do a small jumping piece of a platform and head on. I find the scroll in the ceiling. "White, Orange, and Purple are all separated." (Ha ha ha... racism)

There's a unique enemy here, looks like a Jawa. Killing one of these always grants a subweapon... this time the Boomerang. The Boomerang is a very efficient weapon, often hitting enemies twice. It costs a fair bit more than the knife, but it very worth it.

Next screen, Next screen.

K, there's a strange green monster with a horn. I let Cutrus destroy it, and another one to get the Power Ball.

Next screen... a strange mudslinging mud-man. I get another new subweapon from it... the Molotov Cocktail. It's quite powerful, works similar to the Holy Water in Castlevania, but it's tricky to aim compared to the utility of the boomerang.

K... this isn't nice. The door is locked and it's a long way from the switch. I send Cutrus off to hit the switch for me. (This is a major game mechanic... hitting switches with Cutrus or weapons, when really it would be EASY if player two was here...)

Panthers and giant mosquitos... they really randomized the genepool for this game. I find an SJar in the wall and am fully recovered. Or course, i was still at my starting health, the Blue Jars I got increased my maximum.

The music here really ain't bad... Something I've noticed, there is no percussion. The songs in this game don't use percussion in order to use a second tone or something. It creates some nice almost harmonics on the NES.

K, another room. This time the button to the locked door is ALMOST off screen and at the bottom. It takes several attempts to hit it with Cutrus.

Boss Time! This guy is like a magician or monk or something... There's a hidden item in the upper right corner which I can't get right now (Player Two) I think it's either a Z or G Jar... which I will explain later when I actually pick one up.

Using Cutrus as a distraction and Ice Balls I defeat the boss with ease. TEA TIME!! With Yellow... or green (hard to tell on my screen) sword in hand I head on.

So... do I go to Italy next (green) or India (Yellow)...

Back at the world select, pressing select brings up that dash filled menu from earlier... my scroll clues are written down here.

Ima gamble that Italy is next and head there.

Next time on LP8: The great Italian duchy

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User Info: Lokarin

10 years ago#4
K, the Super S Jar is in the torch on the far right.

More nice music.

This place has a strange WWII feel to it... I get the Boomerang from the jawa and fight many armoured knights. The scroll is in the wall of the second room. "White is next to Yellow"

A jawa gratefully hands me his knife.

I get the ice ball from a knight. This time the door switch is off screen, so I have to use some slight movement to hit it this time.

New enemies, strange baldies with pitchforks (or tridents) and unusual naked men with flails (who must be defeated with Cutrus). The trident man is a perfect example of the type of enemy to use the boomerang on.

In the depths of the mansion I fight off some skeleton warriors... and a strange Fireball shooting Yoga-using skeleton.

I kill Black Panther and get a gun. The last subweapon, the gun, is apparently SO dishonourable that it works on almost no enemy in the game. I find an S-Jar and continue... boss time!

The Italian Duke wears a sportscoat and Khakis... ya. And throws what I guess are razor sharp playing cards at me. He also has a very powerful pet panther on his side.

I find a G Jar in the wall on the right... I don't know what G is supposed to mean, but I'm invincible now and take off about half of the bosses health before it wears. A few Ice Balls later and I win.

Tea Time (how gentlemanly) I get now either an orange or yellow sword... I can't tell. I say it looks a bit more yellow though, so ON TO INDIA!

Next time on LP8: Indian Duchy

Post Production Note: Ya, I stole that joke from Zany VG Quotes
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User Info: Lokarin

10 years ago#5
The secret item at the beginning of India is unreachable in one player mode as far as I know, but it's only a Blue Jar so I don't care.

Basic fare so far. The enemies are nothing really new (although they are kinda cool looking since they are also quite naked except for the turban)

I defeat another naked man (this time wielding a large chain hammer) with Cutrus and find an early S Jar... only after getting torched by a fire breathing weirdo (who's also naked)

I get a Molotov Cocktail from, you guessed it, another naked man.

K, after running passed three giant bats I find the scroll on some stairs. "Black is next to Red."

What? Boss time already? Well this is a short simple level...

There's a Z Jar in the wall on the right. It is hard to reach, but not too hard. I'm guessing Z stands for Zantetsu since it triples my attack power. The boss goes down quickly. I'm guessing his weapon is either fireballs or daggers or something 'cuz he just chucks blue circles into the air. I collect what is definitely an orange sword from the Duke after some nice tea.


The Super S Jar is in the upper right brick of the entrance doorway.

Africa has a complicated maze system to it... but you can make the jump to skip like 3/4 of the level.

Of course I don't make it...

Next Time on LP8: Knee deep in African Duchy

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User Info: Lokarin

10 years ago#6
Lots of dead skeletons in the corners... and what are either vultures, giant bats or flying turkeys are attacking me. There's a Blue Jar in almost every room though... I'm quite lost.

There are three ways I can go: Up the stairs, down the stairs, or fall down the hole. All actions just refresh the room. After about 12 minutes I eventually find my way out (by jumping down the hole twice in a row I guess)

I fall down some more holes and find the scroll. "Purple is next to Red."

I then defeat several... er, uh... Perfectly Normal Naked African Humans Who Happen To Throw Spears.

After climbing up and down almost everything in the level I find the door to the Boss... the music here is the scariest yet, but I get a G Jar for basically free at the start.

I knock off all but three bars of health while invincible... the Duke doesn't get to throw even ONE axe at me. Ooo... a pretty blue sword. Thanks for the tea!

Next Time on LP8: Germany
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User Info: Lokarin

10 years ago#7
The entrance item here is, I think, a Blue Jar... it's way out of reach though.

This place is also a maze, like Africa. The boss is also very difficult if you don't get the easy to reach Special Jar. Who knew Africa and Germany would have so much in common?

I fall down the first pit and get the Ice Ball, Boomerang and Gun right away. I leap farther to the right and fall down a different pit. (Middle)

Wow, more spear and axe enemies... They really copied Africa. The scroll is in a wall near a door. "Between Black and White, there is no Yellow."

I want to go in the door in the next room, but I'm knocked into the pit. I fall into more pits and eventually find the door to the boss. How unusual... If I hadn't accidentally fell in every hole this would have been the last place I looked.

The German Duke is quite dishonourable, using Shuriken and trickery as weapons. As such I am permitted to use the Gun on him to great effect. I didn't have much ammo though, I get the Z Jar and start stabbing... I am defeated by the German tactics of hitting hard and fleeing.

Game Over.

I select Continue and try again...

K, in the room with the door (the one I fell down) I find an S Jar in the wall. I don't get it right away, instead I fight Flying Flaming Skulls for a while to fill up my weapon ammo.

Ouch! Even with full health and the right weapon the German Duke is quite powerful. From the Master of this cave I get White Sword...

One last stop... the White Diamond of Arabia.

Next Time on LP8: Arabian Fights
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User Info: Lokarin

10 years ago#8
Another out of reach intro item... I have no memory of what this one was. Let's carry on.

The enemy fare here is similar to that in India, only there's a lot more of them combined with little movement room and faster respawns.

I find the scroll in a large broken room. "Black is on the far right."

The enemies respawn so quickly I'm overwhelmed. Here's a trick... if you don't pick up the cross they leave behind when defeated they can't respawn until the cross fades away.

Oof! I fall in the hole. The skeletons hit hard, and Yoga Skeletons shoot Yoga Fire at me... I die. Ya, I died during a stage. This is the hardest stage for a reason... the boss here is pretty tough too.


K, I get back to where I was. I throw a knife to open the door. I have only one bar of health left. I jump over a small pit of rocks and continue on... I'm beaten to one tiny sliver of health and find an S-Jar in the side of said pit. FULL LIFE!

Next room is also locked, the switch is wa~ay high up so I have to backtrack so I can release Cutrus at the right height.

Boss Time! I quickly run up the stairs before the boss can catch up to me... his Scimitar (maybe) is quite powerful and he has throwing knives too. There is a hidden jar on the far right, but it is the less helpful C-Jar (heals some health for Cutrus, less health for Orin)

All the rapid respawns and skeletons left me with a lot of crosses... so with full ammo I make short work of the Arabian duke (Ice Balls) We have tea and I get the Black Sword.... huh, I started with the Black Sword so I guess recycling works.

I can now access the final area, "The House of Ruth". Here is a summary of the scroll clues.

Black is on the far right.
White is next to Yellow.
Black is next to Red.
White, Orange, and Purple are all separated.
Between Black and White, there is no Yellow.
Between Green and Purple are two jewels.
Purple is next to Red.

You start with Maximum health and item power (and all the subweapons) for the House of Ruth. It is a boss rush. Using the Ice Ball liberally I beat the first boss, the Duke of Spain, quite easily. I am also fully healed and given full ammo!

Next up, Egypt... They are a fair bit harder than the first time you fight them (you fight them like you would without their weakness weapon. There is also a Super S-Jar in every boss room just to make it even easier.

A lot more crosses as graphics BTW.

Arabia and Italy go down pretty quick... and by quick I mean I'm defeated by my own carelessness... What the hell Italy, you used to be so nice.

Next time on LP8: The end of the game

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User Info: Lokarin

10 years ago#9
Spain... Egypt... Arabia... Italy

Four down, Four to go. (Had a mishap with Egypt and had to try it again)

India time. I don't know if Molotovs or Ice balls would be more effective, but the sword works just as good. His teleporting attack is no match for pure steel (or iron, maybe bronze... the sword is black so it could be any number of metals)

Africa goes down with minor trouble.

Hey... the music changed. I'm now fighting a girl with a whip and skull hat (the final boss). What happened to Germany? I don't know... Maybe me shooting him with a gun caused unexpected death, but we had tea. Could the girl actually have been Germany in disguise? IDK... But I hit her and leave. The tea was nice... From her I get the final eye.

K, Logic problem time! Using the clues place the Eight Jewels into the Eight dais/brackets/window things.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Well, we know Black is on the far right and red is next to it and purple is next to red.

_ _ _ _ _ Purple Red Black

Off to a good start. Between Green and Purple are two jewels

_ _ Green _ _ Purple Red Black

K, from here it takes a little deducing, but it's really not hard if you got most of the clues. If you didn't get any clues this would be very difficult to guess randomly. Also, Yellow/White look very similar to each other as do Blue/Purple.

Either way a strange angle/demon/gargoyle hybrid (with a cross on his forehead) congratulates me on job well done and compliments my skill as a Fencer, Falconer and Logician.

I'm given a password... A Second Quest! TAXANTAXAN (lol password)

The game is over. Let's thank the crew.

Duke Arabia: Ghadie Rashal: White Diamond "Tear of the Nile"

Duke Spain: Enriquez Bartona: Black Pearl "Black Butterfly of Pereshusu"

Duke India: Syfer Nasim: Yellow Obsidian "Wing of Angels"

Duke Africa: King Amin: Orange Topaz "Devil of Zimbabwe"

Duke Germany: Walter Schmitt: Purple Amethyst "Fairy of Granada"

Duke Italy: Geno Comechio: Green Emerald "Dancing Princess of Frenellia"

Duke Egypt: Nari Tanatos: Red Ruby "Blood
of Tutankhamen"

Duke Ruth: Ruth Grandier: Blue Diamond "Nail of Nightmares"

I could play the Special Stage, which is the same game only the enemies move faster (which, oddly enough actually makes the game easier in some places) or the hidden THIRD difficult using the eloquent password "FINALSTAGE", but I don't need to scale the difficulty settings... not without someone to play with.

So, that's the end of 8 Eye's.

tl;dr: I stab people then grab their jewels to prove my worth as a person


Let me know if you liked it
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User Info: Syrabane

10 years ago#10
The heck? A text let's play? Weird. Pretty interesting though, thumbs up! :D
Sorry, I'm dead.
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