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User Info: King_Calamari

14 years ago#21
Ancient? Woah. I didn't even know there WAS another level.
Gooper Blooper? Who in the what now?
Nominate DIG DUG for SC2K5! Sure, he's fodder, but he's really cool fodder.

User Info: NickBush24

14 years ago#22
Actually, I think there are two other users with lower IDs than him: Shinnoxkz (sp?) (ID 13) and Jdude84 (ID 17).
If you're wondering, I have 350 accounts right now.
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User Info: nintendonut888

14 years ago#23
What about Demon of elru?
I'm sick of hearing life is unfair, I AM!

User Info: FDMurder

14 years ago#24
|¯¯.|¯\.|\ ./| ~Oh, that ol' gag.
|¯¯.|_/.|.\/.| <34>http://www.audioscrobbler.com/user/Eisfaust/

User Info: lancerboy

14 years ago#25
Atleast do it in private. Gees.
You should call me Hadoken, because I'm down right , fierce!

User Info: RingoBell

14 years ago#26
"What about Demon of elru?" - nintendonut888

I'm fairly sure that account was purged due to inactivity in the very first purge. I think that was before we lost the ability to directly view user's info pages, so I'm pretty sure that one's been confirmed.
Ya know, one of these days I'm gonna think of something to put here...

User Info: ramizq1

14 years ago#27

User Info: nintendonut888

14 years ago#28
It must have been cool to be the second user ever.

I have to settle for 808476.

808485 if you count the test accounts.
I'm sick of hearing life is unfair, I AM!

User Info: Kaas

14 years ago#29
I usually don't; their opinions are worthless.
rpgplayer6787 - A Freudian slip is when you say one thing, but you mean your mother.
Cheese Hoard Bunter

User Info: Yams

14 years ago#30
Dot dot dot/10
Minnow is alive!
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