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User Info: likeabot

9 years ago#1
*...an awkward silence now fills the dark, desolate arena. This stage, where some of the greatest entertainers once performed is

now just a memory of the past. At a quick glimpse the place looks like a dump; busted chairs, debris covering what used to be a

ring, blood stains from years past cover the floor....only few knew of it's former glory. A shadowy figure can be seen entering

the arena....he pauses on the ramp for a moment as he reminisces, wondering where all the years went...*

??????: ".....hmph..."

*...the man starts rummaging through the debris, clearly hellbent on finding something of value. He comes across a sign that reads

"twisted steal and sex appeal". He freezes and stares at the sign, as if he just saw a ghost....*

??????: "Where the hell is everyone...."

*...he tosses the sign over his shoulder..he has no time to waste. He continues to dig, passing over someones dead body, which

is oddly covered in tricycle tracks. He disregards and continues...until, the man pauses and a slight smirk appears on his face..*

??????: "Ahh.....here we are..."

*....the shadowy figure bends down and picks up an old sledgehammer with a bent handle, covered in rust and blood. He stands

and gives it a few swings and laughs...*

??????: "....just like the old days..."

*....suddenly, footsteps can be heard in the distance. A familiar face enters the arena, holding a flashlight, clearly nervous.....*

Saxon: "I...I don't know whose there, but you're trespassing!"

*...the shadowy figure remains silent...*

Saxon: "H-hello?"

*..Saxon approaches the control panel and hits the lights, but to his surprise there is nobody there. To his surprise the arena is empty..*

Saxon: "Oh.....must've been my imagination..."

*...he turns the lights off again and slowly exits the arena, closing and locking the doors behind him..........*

User Info: likeabot

9 years ago#2
The years have taken it's toll, don't even remember how to write one of these....lol.

User Info: DSMachine

9 years ago#3
Nice one. I'm in the process of writing one myself.
Now it's about time I step in with the gangsta lean,
It's about that time, homeboy...

User Info: likeabot

9 years ago#4
meh i didn't think it was too good, just wanted to get something out there to see if anyone else would join in

User Info: Maximicus

9 years ago#5
Ya, wonder who else there is that'd bite.
Sometimes I talk to myself. I'd say it's the only way to have an intelligent conversation, but even then it usually devolves into poop jokes.

User Info: likeabot

9 years ago#6
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