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User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
7 years ago#1
I realize the Game Gear section is totally buried in general, but this was a fun hand-held RPG for it's time.

I still remember my brother insisted that the final boss yelled "AGGGMARRR!" when he dies at the end. He must have totally held a grudge against Agmar I guess! The whole point of Ahriman's life: to get revenge on a level 1 bandit guy.

User Info: DragonFistAbysi

7 years ago#2

I never heard it that way. Then again, it's pretty rare to meet someone who knows, let alone, played Defenders of Oasis. I think my favorite part is Chapter 4. As far as the game goes, It's fun. Love the ring music. ^_^

I've been thinking of doing a sprite comic bases on it, but the backgrounds I though to use suck. I did make some awesome sprites for it though.
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