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User Info: zubbfox

11 years ago#1
Spectator mode has burned me alot. Bad players, taunt matches, last minute final smash stealing...so I thought to myself.

Screw this mode. I'll get my revenge. With each char people will bet on you with certian expectations, so I will cover all chars and how to return fire on spectator mode.

1. IKE

Be an alt costume to catch their attention. If it's a stock match, go for straight up suicide, but DON'T just fall off. Aether off, explosion off, you get the picture. Taunt next to a bobomb, etc. PEOPLE LOVE TO BET ON IKE. He usually in a FFA fsmashes his way to victory. Make sure in team battles to ONLY fight for your friends Marth and Metaknight, even if they are on the other team, and to always taunt alot. Oh, and steal the final smash if you can, then promptly wiff or suicide with it if possible.


Bowsercide is your only move other than taunt and fire breath. Try to win matches with it, and if you get the final smash blow fire or taunt or suicide are all viable options. What's worse that betting on Bowser and losing. Betting against him and he wins doing this crap.


Show me your moves. Falcon....PAUWNCH. Yes! C'mon. SHow me your moves. FALCON PUNCH.

If you win with those, and they didn't bet for you.....they will be weeping for the loss of pretend money.


Taunt. Throw bananas, and steal the final smash. ALWAYS FACE HUMP SOMEONE WHOM IS OFF THE STAGE. It's a meteor spike, and if you die too, bonus points.


The "I don't know..." Taunt is down on the d pad. Charge giant punch and run in circles with it, hitting no one. Pound people into the ground with head smash then just taunt or run away. Carry people off stage with you, then let them footstool you to death. The only problem is no one bets on DK, so maybe winning ONLY with giant punch would be more frustrating for spectators.


The landmaster belongs at the bottom of the stage. Make sure everyone keeps their hands of your prey, and if you decide to win only with the final smash, kudos. Spam lasers as well, but only lasers.

7. FOX. See Falco, but illusion off the stage often, or fire fox in place.


GANNON-BAN your opponents with Ganon's up tilt or warlock punch only. No spiking. Not that many bet on Ganondorf, but if you win this way a controller is sure to be thrown somewhere in the spectating world. GANONCIDE. It's hard, but fun...


Nana must die. Concentrate on getting her killed without you. Be creative. Get her desynced and let her lag right into a falcon punch or roll her back into and Ike player. Get your taunts desynched for an alternative to bugging Ice Climber betters.


Rest. Sing. SIng. Rest. Up taunt. Down taunt. Rest. Then rest off the stage. HOLD R till her sheild breaks. I promise, you'll win.
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User Info: zubbfox

11 years ago#2
11. King DEDEDE.

DDDcide with a swallow and a jump. Spam waddle dees or just lay down, or you can charge your down b and just jump off with it instead of nailing that offstage opponent. Whatever works for you.
If you can nab the final smash do so. If you win, there will either be cheers or jeers in a big way.


Unfornatley, Kirby can no longer suicide kill, but he can still say "HAI", so tell everyone you are happy to greet them. From armslength, of course. Spam stone as well.

13. LINK

Play dark link, and blow yourself up with bombs on top of your opponents. Hold on to bombs and run in head first. ONLY taunt if near or holding a bomb. If you win this way, not only are you skilled, but whomever bet on that Marth or Ike or Snake just lost it.


Taunt and counter the whole match till you reach 150 percent (if you can) If you get aura storm don't aim it at all. Once you reach 150 just spam charged balls. Win or lose, this is great fun to do.

15. LUCAS.

PK thunder yourself through everyone and talk to the snake the whole match. As with all chars steal the final smash blah..... and take the ffa time to practice grabbing the ledge with the snake.

16. LUIGI.

Taunt kill if you can. AVOID EVERYTHING the whole match , then when someones low taunt them and pray you get the kill. If you win this way, wow. Use final smash off the ledge.


Do nothing but fludd, cape, and taunt up. You can actually get good at killing this way believe it or not.


It's all up to you! COUNTER. Counter everything. Just jump in to 3 contestants and down b immediatley. With the final smash, only attack off stage opponents with it, and if they aren't available, the wall called your mom a bad name I heard...


Fight me! Come! Also fly UNDER the stage to the other side. Alot. Glide back and forth and land in people fighting. If they chase you.... spike them as best you can. People bet on him alot to, so glide suicide is key in most fights, though not very flashy at all.

20. MR. GAME and WATCH

Bell taunt. SIde b. Bell taunt, Side B. Oil panic. These are your only tools. Use them.
The octopus can suicide, BUT DON'T. Implied tentacle .....nevermind. Just don't kill yourself with the final smash this time...
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User Info: zubbfox

11 years ago#3

See Lucas. Tell them it's OK with taunts.


ALL OFF YOUR NON WHITE PIKMIN BELONG OFFSTAGE. All white pikman must be side b'd into busy combatants, or offstage combatants to nerf their third jump into doom. If they die this way, you must do the hip shaking taunt no matter what.....

23. PEACH.

Who bets on Peach anyway? Well, float alot, sing lalalalala for them, and pull turnips praying for a bobomb. Peach bomber off stage and do grab slaps. Toad the air alot.


PIKA PIKAAAA! taunt. And thunder. Alot. Only use skull bash to hit someone off stage.


Do people bet on Pit? I would.... Anyway, the fight is on, and everyone should know it. Hide in a corner with reflector or hiyayayaya off the stage at someone. Fly above the match and fire arrows straight up at nothing, or play robin hood and angle the arrows just above someones head without hitting them. Find out what happens if you suicide during pits Final smash.

26. ROB

Only use your up tilt. Don't taunt, don't laser. Just raise the roof to victory.


Your only have one move. When someone is about to hit you, down b. Repeat until connection is dropped. The pokemon trainers voice is awful. If they connection isn't dropped, it will be the most annoying spectator match ever witnessed, and someone betting on you makes it all the sweeter.

28. SAMUS/Zero suit samus.

If you start as SAMUS always charge a beam, then attempt to change to ZSS through taunts. If Successful try to get killed 2ce quick for a pity smash so you can do it again. As ZSS, you should only use the stun gun., and taunts.

29. SNAKE. You have a box. Hide in it. Tap A and damage opponents behind you. Remember, this meteor spikes. If you get the final smash, swing the cursor around and never fire the launcher. Blow yourself up with grenades or c4 as you will. Remember to do it when others are near though... On shadow moses, always do the special taunt.

30. SONIC.

YOU"RE TOO SLOW is getting OLD. So spam it anyway, and spin dash at every bomb you see.

You should also practice ledge grabbing while everyone else is fighting. No way you could accidentally run off at Sonics speed...
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User Info: zubbfox

11 years ago#4

Who doesn't bet on him? Let's change that using his waker taunt and by holding on to bombs.
Practice down airing the ledge as well. You might spike someone, you might die. Who cares? You're toon link anyway...

32. WARIO.

This should be obvious. Bike into a wall. FART. Bite. As Warioman, Bike HARDER.

33. WOLF.

Wolf can howl. And his landmaster is the shortest time out in the game. Avoid everyone like they are expensive china with it. Otherwise, see fox and falco.


Um.....whose betting on Yoshi? Hold your sheild, egg roll off stage, throw eggs at bobombs, use only the tongue, and with the final smash hold the button for the stream of fire only. Make sure you are off stage when it ends.

35. ZELDA and SHEIK.

Dins fire repeatidly and wave if you hit. As Sheik, crack that whip in a circle, or just leave it out. Change back and forth an inappropriate amount. Final smash should be aimed at the gerudo training grounds. Interpret that as you will.

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User Info: zubbfox

11 years ago#5
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