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11 years ago#1
1. Copy your snapshots/stages to an SD card.
2. Go here: http://brawl.kakkoister.com and press "browse".
3. On the list of files on the SD card, go to the private folder, wii, APP, RSBE, al (for photos)/st (for stages), then the snapshot/stage you want (one at a time).
4. click "decrypt"
5. Save the picture

Or you can download a program: http://freewebs.com/gtcoder/index.html

1. Download the bin2jpg file.
2. Put all the files in a folder.
3. Put the screen files from Brawl into that folder.
4. Click bin2jpgall

You can post your pictures here directly from the website by clicking on “gallery”. Or you can use photobucket, imageshack, etc.

If the site doesn’t automatically read the SD card, it’s in removable drive H.
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