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User Info: OtherHorses

6 years ago#1
[continuing archived topic http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/586591-warsong/55975864]

Some additions to HailBlazR's excellent notes:

Scenario 8 - The fastest, easiest way to stop the Chief from moving is to run Tibs across the upper lake. Mermen take down Royal Soldiers fast! (though you'll sacrifice a couple units in the process) After that, just position Mermen around the Chief; any that survive his attacks nearly always hurt him. By the time archers wipe them out, you'll have other troops there to take over.

Scenario 11 - Yes, he's great against Gargoyles, but I prefer to have Tibs wait just north of where Lance appears. Silly horsemen charge right into the water. On turn 6, if you put Tibs at least 8 squares from Lance, Lance will charge in rather than sitting back to cast Lightning.

Scenario 13 - The Ants will charge right into that east lake, if Tibs is waiting there. If you want to save the southeast starting position for someone else, you can put Tibs north of the lake -- thanks to the little road there, he can actually reach the shore on turn 1. Also, Mermen are the only "land" troops that do much damage to Styracosaurs, though it takes careful planning to get them into the water.

Scenario 14 - Another map with 2 good options:
If you MUST have that 50% DF bonus for Tibs, delay killing the lone wolf and set up in the northeast pond. He'll have a group of werewolves all to himself. Even on land, Mermen pretty much go 1-to-1 vs werewolves, so you can form a wall in front of the citizens, if they're still hanging around.
But this map is all Road and House tiles... no MV penalties, so Tibs and his "land sharks" are highly mobile -- and deadly.

Scenario 16 - aka "Tiberon's Finest Hour", this has got to be my favorite scenario for Tibs. Serpent Knight and Mermen get the full 7 MV on cave tiles! Mermen take out Carrion Crawlers faster than Horsemen, and they're great for softening up Gorgosaurs -- Mermen tend to do good damage AND get wiped out, leaving the way clear for whomever needs the kill.

Scenario 18 - aka "Tiberon's Last Hurrah" -- distract the skeletons long ehough for him to reach the water, and he can speed west, where he'll have all the Ants and Slimes he can eat. He'll run out of Mermen early on, of course, but the only thing that poses the slightest risk to him on water is a Queen Ant.

User Info: tonicpalin

6 years ago#2
i find tiberon to be more powerful in early and midgame compared to knights especially if you give him the shield, which makes archers almost useless against him. latergame, you'll wish that you turned him into a magic knight but if you kept all your commanders alive till endgame, you'll probably have 1 too many magic knights anyway.

User Info: Amuseum

6 years ago#3
Tiberon can't become magic knight, only knight master, which isn't that much better than serpent knight anyway. At least serpent knight has strategic advantages like how this and the former topic are informing us.

Late game I don't need or want that many commanders anyway. So him being knight master doesn't convince me enough to deploy him on the map, when I can have 3 Rangers and 3 Magic knights. The mid game is where things are most interesting and challenging. This is when a serpent knight becomes a hero to your team. Him being to walk across water will save you valuable time, such as in scene 8 and 9.
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