Thoughts on this game and comparisons

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User Info: DarkMasterBosel

7 years ago#1
You know, Warsong has been around for about 20 years. About 10 years ago I go on board with Langrisser 2 when I found out about the translation--played it, loved it. I also saw a LOT of flak to the effect of Treco's ineptitude being responsible for this game's poor showing in the US, and consequently the lack of future US Langrisser releases. There were elements in the story that did not make sense, and of course only two of the names were original (Thorne and Lance). The character/class selection could have used some refinement. Given the time period of the game, the gameplay was fast paced and uncomplicated. I always felt like the story was a backstage to the gameplayy; a more present day analogy might be the King's Bounty PC games. The AI is easy to take advantage of, but then most games even today can be exploited once you learn the AI (the aforementioned King's Bounty, for instance). I am playing it yet again, even now, and I still manage to find things out in the game I did not know before (most recent one being that Magic Knight Garett gets +8 A for troops instead of +6). I have not talked to anybody who knows this game who hated it. Most posts I see talking about this game say it is a favorite. 20 years later, I can still enjoy it. I will never understand how a classic like this was not "well received". Too bad track 5 never got used, that one is AWESOME.

As much fun as L2 was, I think it would have been better if it had this game's graphics/combat system. Just imagine L2 taking place with Warsong battle scenes; (the 2 troops/unit in L2's battles never did sit well on me) . Or perhaps, imagine Warsong's game engine with L2's depth. When I look at the two games side by side it is hard to believe that this was L2's predecessor.
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User Info: Zeekfox

7 years ago#2
I do prefer the smaller troops here, where all 10 have individual figures. It seems odd when it's always 2 HP troops in groups of 5.

The big step up in L2, however, is the expanded class tree. The one thing I disliked about the first versions is that each male character basically had 2 class paths (Garett has no reason to be a Knight Master or Magic Knight when his special choices are better), and the females basically get 3-4.

In L2, there's a much more expanded promotion system, with 9 different 5th classes. Plus, each character basically gets 4 promotions, more if you do the Runestone thing. The one thing I've missed out of other grid-based strategy RPG's is that no other really good ones have had that kind of promotion tree. I'm still waiting for the Fire Emblem game that allows you to promote characters 3-4 times each.
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