Individual character endings (potential spoilers)

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User Info: midnightlevelup

7 years ago#1
Are there different ones for how well you levelled up your character, like in Warsong 2?
If there are, can anyone point me to a guide to the different ones, and how exactly I trigger them? The ending FAQ on gamefaqs just has the same ones that I got.

User Info: Waffen8888

7 years ago#2
There is not. I'm not sure but there might be endings if a character dies saying they were killed in action or some such thing.
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User Info: TSDx

7 years ago#3
There is no different endings, at least not in the Genesis version of Warsong/Langrisser. If your general dies, they're dead for good and get no ending.

The PC remake of Langrisser is different, there's no perma general death and endings change depending on whether a character was ever defeated or not.
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