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User Info: JoseHo

8 years ago#1
With all due credits to http://shenafu.com for the hex excel sheet for warsong:

this is the version of warsong that after much tampering i came up with

King Att: 31 , Df: 35 Magic : Tornado and Healing 1
Ranger Att: 41, Df: 34 Magic: Earthquake, Fireball 2, Thunder
Magic Knight: Att: 31, Df: 33 Magic : Healing 2 , Thunder
Archmage: Att: 31, Df: 33, Magic:Earthquake , Fireball 2, Fireball
Dragon Knight Att: 34 Df: 33 Magic: Blizzard Casting ability :X6
Bishop: att: 36, Df: 36 Magic: Fireball 2 , Blizzard,
Knight Master Att:34 , Df: 31 Magic: Blizzard Casting ability :X6
Saint: Att: 32 , Def: 32 Magic : Tornado , Fireball 2,Healing 2

There is also much more stuff with , of course you have to use Tony Hedstorm game genie master code AKDA-AA40 when you first start the game seeing a red screen, press TAB to reset and the game will flow normally with these changes
If interested , please emial me at chi89333@yahoo.com.sg , i will send you the file

User Info: TSDx

8 years ago#2
That seems way overpowered. A bishop with warsong would be pretty much untouchable with a beastly 40 defense, even to chaos.
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