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  3. Tibs as a Serpent Knight wouldn't be that bad

User Info: Lastjustice

8 years ago#11
I've gone thru the games as both classes of Serpent Knight and Knight Master, I just find Serpent Knight peaks too early and isn't that useful later. Sometimes I still make it anyways because I'll keep Balrov alive with the cheat and regain Lance as extra commanders to fill in when his movement is too little to warrent bringing him.

Ultimately the game isn't difficult enough to worry about min-maxing in order to complete it. Just make whatever classes you like and have fun with it. It's boring to always make the same stuff so I welcome variety. (I do same for other Srpgs like vandal hearts as makes for a different experience flipping around who becomes what class.)
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User Info: ZSJesse

8 years ago#12
What I never understood was the appeal of Dragon Knights. It's unique to Sabra, I'll give it that much, but that's about it.
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User Info: Amuseum

8 years ago#13
30% isn't that powerful and their troops are expensive and ineffective. worst, they are too vulnerable to archers, which are so common. their best role is to draw out the enemies' magics before the main force gets there.
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User Info: HailBlazR

8 years ago#14
Okay well first of all, if you're going to pick a magic knight over Tiberon, you may as well pick all 3 of them because there's more than enough EXP to go around and level everyone to final class promotion by the end of the game.

Anyone can be strong enough to defeat chaos, as somebody already said earlier.

It's not really that much work to control so many commanders; and if it is, then slash out either Bayard, Carleon, or Thorne, because if anything, they don't deserve a role in the party. Tibby is unique; no other class can go over water in the midgame.

I also personally found it more fun to play with a Serpent Knight than with a knight master. It just adds more variety to the game. Given that he's the ONLY character that can become this unique class, and that there are three characters that are EXACTLY the same, he can add another aspect to the game.

And really... what I had said earlier was that Tiberon is not a completely bad character as a serpent knight. I know, he has a drawback, which is that he's almost useless in the last few scenarios. However, that was not my point. I just wanted to show that Tiberon is not as bad as people make him out to be. It's not making him "walk the plank" by making him a SK like one of the reviews said.

To put it in the words of TSDx earlier: "I'm not saying he's a great commander and you could easily do without him, but I think he's definately better then the generics up until scenario 15 or so."
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