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User Info: damn1

1 year ago#1
So...about the music.
I've been reading in many sites(SonicRetro among others) people constantly obsessed with trying to discredit MJ as having worked on the music and jerking off this Buxer guy.

I am getting sick of this bulls***!

So they are using this video from the MJCast special where Buxer b****es about MJ ripping him off see 46:04 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W06T6whrqQs

I would like to point out some inconsistencies here. Buxer never claimed he composed "Stranger in Moscow"...UNTIL AFTER MJ DIED IN 2009.

In that same video he says that he didn't like not getting credited for the song but let's rewind to 2009 and let's see what he had to say then.

Black & White: Did that not bother you that Michael did not include it in the song credits as co-composer?

Brad Buxer: No. I did not ask to be. When you have the opportunity to work with such a musical genius, be credited or not, it does not really matter. I had a great opportunity to working with Michael all these years. I'm probably the musician with whom he worked most of his career. I was a musician and arranger from 1989 until 2006. It shows how we were on stage, him and me ...

Oh how his tune changes completely in 10 years...


On that same video he says that MJ didn't want to do the soundtrack?
How can that possibly be? Roger Hector himself (here http://info.sonicretro.org/images/d/d2/Makingofs3kpg4.jpg ) said that MJ asked to do the soundtrack

"Michael Jackson was a very big fan of Sonic and he wanted to record a soundtrack for the game," he reveals. "He came to STI and met with the team to discuss the design theme, story, and feel of the game. He then went away and recorded an entire soundtrack that covered all of the the worlds. It was fantastic. The music fitted perfectly and they had a distinctive "Michael Jackson" sound. We had it all ready and integrated into the game when the first news stories came out accusing him of child molestation, and Sega had to back away from this collaboration etc.".

This also lines up with the whole "41 tracks" the team said they composed.
They also said the following here https://testkitchen.huffingtonpost.com/michaeljacksonsonic/

For around four weeks in 1993, Jackson and his team worked out of Record One studio in California, creating "something like 41" tracks – or cues, as they're called in the video game world, Buxer said. Jones remembers Jackson calling him, sometimes late at night, to share ideas and sing melodies that would eventually make it into the game.

When Jackson recorded, he'd usually have a side room – a lounge or relaxation area – where he could take a break and kick back. Sometimes he'd play Sonic games. "None of us involved in this were really gamers," Matt Forger, a sound engineer who worked on the project, told me. "Michael was probably the one who did play video games to the greatest extent. So, for the rest of us, we knew Sonic the Hedgehog, that was a pretty well-known thing in terms of popular culture, and video games in general, but Michael really is the core."

This Buxer guy is really shady and he also probably used "Hard Times" without Bruce Connole's permission as well.
Search by BMI Work #9375775 here https://repertoire.bmi.com/StartPage.aspx
Connole is stated as the composer

A lot of MJ fans are also calling him out as being shady in the comment section of that youtube video with some of them demanding that he never be invited again. Some of them calling him an overglorified keyboardist.
With all of these inconsistencies this leads me to believe this Buxer guy is an opportunist.

We should not trust him so easily and so blindly.

User Info: damn1

1 year ago#2
I already posted this on the Switch board but I just had to post this here. I don't know if anyone frequents this board that much but somebody is bound to see it.

Ever since MJ has been dead a lot of these Quincy Jones-types have emerged attacking him when they didn't say anything while he was alive. Now that he's buried under the ground he can't defend himself against accusations so people are more inclined to try and lie more than ever.

I am also sick of seeing many Sonic fans adamant on trying to discredit MJ as the composer to the point of saying that his team did everything and wholesale believing Brad Buxer's inconsistent bulls***(particularly the a******s at SonicRetro). They aren't even able to keep their story straight despite them archiving a lot of s***. The quality of that site has went way downhill compared to what it used to be.

User Info: noidentity

1 year ago#3
Interesting that I see this here. I never investigated Brad Buxer extensively, but as being the one who submitted the trivia regarding his involvement in Sonic 3, I do firmly believe that Jackson DID record a number of songs to be used in the game, but ultimately didn't make it into the final product. At least not the way Jackson intended. I later read through new citations that the music we hear today was reworked so that Jackson's original composition was no longer recognizable, making them completely new songs instead of his own. If this is what Buxer truly did, then he is wrongfully credited and an appropriate revision should be made.

I would never discredit Jackson's involvement with the music in Sonic 3. However many people STILL think to this day that he composed ALL the music you're hearing in the game, and that's simply not correct.

User Info: AttackUp

1 year ago#4
I think it is interesting. Somebody (either Buxer, Michael Jackson's family, or someone else) is definitely the cause of Sonic 3 NOT being re-released anymore which is a really big shame. Some consider it to be the Sega Genesis' greatest game. And because they're not gamers they don't even understand why it's so important to fans.

Or.....perhaps Sega is at fault. Maybe a few of Jackson's songs are still in the final game and that is where the problem lies. Act 1 Mini-Boss in particular kinda sounds like Michael Jackson saying "C'mon" and "Woo!" but maybe it's not, who knows. Only Sega knows the 100% truth and clearly they're taking it to the grave.

Favorite RPGs are the Chrono, Earthbound, and Lunar series. Also a huge fan of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie/DK64 and many other games.
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