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2 years ago#1
Check it out


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1 year ago#2
Not the most flattering screenshot...

Well, I finished both Sonic's and Knuckles's playthroughs and got all 12 achievements (no, there's no secret for getting all of them). My critiques of the current version:

-The widescreen honestly doesn't do as much for this game as I thought it would. It also seems more care was put into it in Sonic 3 than in Sonic & Knuckles, since there are noticeably late visual oddities like Knuckles not reaching the edge of the screen in his boss fight.

-The recreation obviously isn't perfect. It's well done, but I did notice some audio and visual glitches that didn't exist in the original, such as the Sandopolis Zone Act 2 boss having a garbarge graphical effect when it shoots lasers. Several sound effects are off as well and can bug out.

-Tails was made less annoying in that he won't activate certain platforms anymore like Death Egg's conveyors, which is a definite plus.

-Some of the more fan-gamey aspects (ie. Knuckles & Tails and Sonic's Drop Dash) are unlockable via achievements, but for some reason this includes Debug Mode, which did obviously not have that requirement in the original. I think the achievement system should be retooled to unlock the more fan-gamey extras that don't fit the original game, like the Sonic 2 Super Sonic theme, with Knuckles & Tails maybe being part of an expanded Debug Mode instead of a legitimate game mode.

-Many of the fun oversights are predictably removed. I never understood why these sorts of fan-polish projects always remove being able to get the signpost to fall through the floor in Carnival Night Zone Act 1, or replace the identity of the Flying Battery Zone Act 2 boss. Yet, if you go to places that Knuckles normally cannot go (which is now easily possibly via his Tails mode), the author forgets to use the EggRobo sprites in places like Death Egg Zone Act 2. Go figure.

-Some modernized options are experimental; for example, I ran into some slowdown when bouncing in the Special Stages, which I fixed by changing from modernized to classic style. If these features aren't ready to be the default, then it shouldn't be. And while there are a decent amount of options (some for things that even Sonic 3 Complete didn't or couldn't take into account), you still can't change certain things like the modernized rotation of rings, Flying Battery electricity, or The Doomsday's missiles.

-Another new credits medley is included, which is different from Sonic & Knuckles', Sonic 3C prototype, and fan-made Sonic 3 Complete mixes (the latter is the best in my opinion since it only leaves out the zone themes changed in the PC version, which makes perfect sense). Also, even if you select the Sonic 3 jingles, it will conclude with the Sonic & Knuckles theme unlike Sonic 3 Complete.

-The game is called Sonic 3 A.I.R. even in the zone title cards, and yet the end image still calls it Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Also, a minor nitpick, but the island wasn't called "Angel Island" in the classic era but rather the "Floating Island" (yes, even in the Japanese for anyone wondering). If anything, it should've really been called Sonic 3 & Knuckles F.I.R.

-The two-player Competition mode is completely missing. It may not be a mode everyone played, but it's still cutting a feature that was in vanilla.

It's not the definitive version of the game, but then again, neither is Sonic 3 Complete - the ideal Sonic 3 & Knuckles is now a hypothetical mix of the two. They have two different goals, which Sonic 3 Complete being focused more on customization (even if it can go overboard) and Sonic 3 A.I.R. being more what a theoretical Retro Engine remake might look like (even though it's certainly not the Retro Engine). If you had to pick one, Sonic 3 Complete is currently the preferable project overall, and it has the distinct bonus of being capable of original hardware performance. Either way, an official remaster has big shoes to fill.
Whoever started using the word "canon" in this context, anyway?
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User Info: BlockAddition

1 year ago#3
quittaboi78 posted...
Not the most flattering screenshot...

Hey I'm not an ad for the mod, just sharing the knowledge of its existence

I finished the story with all 3 characters and I personally think it is the best version of sonic 3. S3 Complete always seemed "off" to me, with me choosing to play vanilla S3+K over complete until AIR

I liked the achievements, which is strange because in 100% of other games I don't give a s***

The time trial ghost mode is f***ing sweet, gives lots of replayability on the faster levels. I've probably done hydrocity 1 more times since discovering AIR than I have since the original S3 release

It blows Mania out of the water, now if only it was possible to add Ray to the roster......
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